How NOT to turn a short story into a novel

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Time is something we never have enough of, but for writers those precious hours seem squeezed even more. We have families to look after, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring children to their various out of school activities. Those of us who are grandparents often have child minding duties…and then there is the odd holiday to squeeze in, catching up with friends. Did I mention a full time job? Oh yes, and then there’s the writing…and the blogging…and the Facebook…and the Twitter…AND THE …

Writing the Series

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The picture above has nothing to do with this post, I just never tire of lovely Cornish places. This gorgeous old harbour cottage nestles in one of those spectacular coves way down on the Lizard. I’ve been a very lazy blogger these past few weeks. Sorry folks!! I blame the weather (and maybe the fact that I’ve been dithering about over the latest book). The first draft is finished. At least it would be if I didn’t keep fiddling with …

Keeping Track of Your Novel

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I love my lists – shopping list, to do list, planting list for the garden. I even leave little messages to myself all over the house because if I didn’t do this then nothing would get done. I suppose you could say I am a compulsive organiser. I like to plan my novels too, so that I have at least a fair idea of where the plot is heading, and how it’s going to get there. That is until my …

What a Proofreader Does

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I promised to post about how I got on when I sent my new novel, Mistress of Mellin Cove, to a professional proofreader, well the verdict is…brilliant! I would happily recommend this to any writer.   I found freelance proofreader, Wendy Janes, on Joanna Penn’s fab website for self-published authors, and very quickly realised that Wendy was someone who understood what authors were about. From the first exchange of emails I was confident that this was going to be a …

Editing the Novel – Ouch!

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I’ve just typed THE END on Mistress of Mellin Cove, so that’s the novel finished – all written up … Phew!   Except that it’s not It’s where the really hard work starts.                       THE EDITS!!   Now that I’ve reached this stage I thought I would describe a little of the process that’s ahead of me.   Since I have been editing and tweaking the first draft as I’ve gone along, it’s more than just a sketchy template. …

Copy-editing – The Inside Story

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If any of you writers out there didn’t think you needed a copy-editor to give your manuscript that final polish (I was one of them) then read this. Thank you to the wonderful Catherine Caffeinated for hosting this great blog post from editor, Robert Doran. He has certainly convinced me. Rx PS: Check out his proofreading post, too. Rena x

A Free Highland Romance and a Pocket Novel Edit

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I’ve just completed my latest People’s Friend (I hope) pocket novel. There’s at least a week of revisions and editing to do, but I’m still feeling euphoric. And amazingly…I’m actually looking forward to the edit. To celebrate, I’m inviting everyone interested to help themselves to a free download of my Scottish romance, Highland Heart here for three days – Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th February. Usually when I get to this point in a novella I’m all written …

Pocket Novels and Light Bulb Moments!

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While driving to York the other day to meet a friend for lunch in our favourite restaurant, I had a light bulb moment. But I’m not sure I’m happy about it. You see, what came to me in this blinding flash was the realisation that the My Weekly Pocket Novel I have just finished is actually TWO pocket novels. I was aiming for a psychological thriller for one of MW’s new Easy Read genres. That bit seemed OK. All the …

Editing nightmares…and a wee disappointment!

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 I hate editing. I detest having to do that second draft…third…fourth, and so on. All the really creative stuff goes into the first time the words hit the page. For me, it’s when my characters come alive and the plot unfolds. Re-drafts are the crafting bits where the writer moulds and sculpts her/his work. Scenes come and go. Tired phrases are discarded, to be replaced with snappier, more inspired ones. It’s the professional part of writing that turns a good …