There’s Been A Murder!

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I am so excited to be sharing the new covers for my Loveday cozy mysteries series. I’d love to know what you think of them.

Crime fiction is rapidly becoming the most popular genre for readers, and cozy mysteries have enjoyed a huge share of that. Readers can connect with all the twists and turns of an intriguing plot in a story of murder and deceit – without the blood and gore.

They are fast moving, exciting stories, packed with compelling characters and plot. There is always a liberal sprinkling of red herrings and many distractions to keep readers guessing.

There is no graphic violence, profanity, or explicit sex.

Goodness me no. Miss Marple would hold up her hands in horror if it were any other way.

Even Jessica Fletcher, who writes her detective stories at Cabot Cove when she is not on the trail of murderers in her community, stays within the cozy limits.

My Loveday mysteries are not quite as twee as some. For a start, Loveday is a magazine editor in Cornwall. She is in a romantic relationship with a certain Detective Inspector Sam Kitto. She loves a glass of wine (or several) and was formerly a newspaper reporter in Glasgow.

I love writing these Cornish mysteries, and readers who take the time to comment and tell me they enjoy reading them and connecting with the characters, really make my day.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries and would like to keep abreast of all new publications by your favourite cozy author then check out the brilliant Cozy Mysteries Blog. It’s here.

And if you haven’t yet read any of my Loveday Cozy Mysteries you can grab the first in the series A Cornish Revenge right here.


All the others are available here.


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