Goodbye Poldark!

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IMG_5119Poldark has come to an end. We left Ross and Demelza sharing a passionate embrace as a spectacular expanse of ocean glinted in the background. These weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for viewers of the BBC series as our charismatic couple were plunged into one disastrous event after another. And now we must all wait until next year to discover what happens next.

The end of the current ten week series reminded me that I have not posted on this blog in all that time. Huge apologies for my neglect, but I’m back now and hoping everyone will all be able to find me again.

Fans of the original BBC series, with Robin Ellis and the late Angharad Rees in the starring roles, will remember it as a sweeping story of love, lust, jealousy, grief, and dark times in Cornwall. It was a wonderful interpretation – if not always an accurate one – of the brilliant Winston Graham’s books.

The current Poldark is more of a TV soap in glorious Technicolor, not that I’m complaining. Once the producers and screenwriter agreed to stick to the narrative of the novels they hardly went wrong, apart from that famous rape scene of course, which was portrayed as Elizabeth being overwhelmed by the dashing Ross’s ardour – and willingly giving in to him. Hmm! The books told that scene rather differently.

Personally speaking I don’t think they should have tampered with the original scene. This portrayal of Ross as an irresistible romantic hero might have been true, but it was also misleading, for our man has a dark side. He might champion the underdog, but he is also arrogant and controlling – and more than a little dangerous.

However when Aidan Turner gallops across the cliffs with that mane of dark curls streaking out behind him, female hearts beat faster.

The actors and production crew are currently filming series 3 in Cornwall, but if you’re thinking of going along to the Botallack Mines, where a lot of the action is filmed, don’t hold out too much hope of getting up close and friendly. The Poldark team keep their distance.

When we ventured along to their film site, the lane was closed off and a member of staff posted at the roadblock so no unwanted visitors could wander anywhere near.

I never got to rub shoulders with Aidan, but his tall, dark and handsome co-star was more than happy to be friendly. I’m talking about Ross’s horse, Seamus, who definitely didn’t mind Poldark fans fussing over him as he took his exercise on the cliff paths.

‘Everyone on the production seems to love him,’ Seamus’s regular rider Ben Atkinson, whose family supply all the equestrian stars of Poldark, told a Daily Mail journalist. ‘But we have one very strict rule: no treats!’

‘Aidan and Seamus just hit it off. It’s great when that happens with a horse and actor.’ The only other rival for Seamus’s affections was Barley the dog, who plays Demelza’s scruffy pet, Garrick. ‘Those two did a lot of hanging around in Ross’s farmyard. They became great friends,’ said Ben.

If you’re already suffering Poldark withdrawal symptoms there’s an array of comforters out there to keep you company.

There are the Poldark novels, mugs, cushions, fridge magnets, shopping bags, calendars…

convert renageorge-boxed-set-mellin-cove-series-1And then there’s my favourite – The Poldark Colouring Book featuring the main characters. It’s here

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Happy reading everyone!

Rena x

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  1. Sunday nights won’t be the same again, Rena! I agree with what you said about the current series – but it is very watchable…… do get in touch next time you come down, would love to meet up XX

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