Poldark Series Two – Get Ready!

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Poldark fans prepare to book your place on the sofa in front of the TV.

Our favourite Cornish heart throb, Captain Ross Poldark, is getting ready to saddle up and gallop across those Cornish moors again, his dark curls streaking out behind as a ship in full sail battles with the tossing sea in the background. OK, that was a spot of dramatic license, but you get the picture.

The important news is Series Two of the BBC’s long awaited blockbusting Poldark drama begins screening on Sunday, September 4.

If you want to watch a trailer for what’s to come, it’s here

Continuing on from the last series, things are looking pretty gloomy for the dashing Captain Ross Poldark, (Aidan Turner) and his wife, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson). They have just lost their only child, the family mine is failing, and Ross is about to be thrown into jail.IMG_5119

Having read the books, I know what’s coming – and it won’t be dull.

Series two has already caused controversy even before it’s aired. In the forthcoming series, a scene that many readers of Winston Graham’s original novels believed to be rape is portrayed as a consensual sexual act between Ross and his first love, Elizabeth.

I’m surprised at the Beeb’s decision to deal with the scene in this way, as the original was integral to the plot in the books. So what happened to scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield’s plan to keep the drama close to the actual books?

Even as we sit glued to our screens next month, the cast will be back in Cornwall working on Series Three.

IMG_4669Since Winston Graham wrote twelve books, I’m guessing Ross and Demelza will be with us for a few more years to come.

What happens when all 12 books have been dramatized by 2020? Could the scriptwriters produce more Poldark tales based on the characters create by Winston Graham? Who knows?

PS: Sorry dear readers for being such a neglectful blogger these past weeks. But I’m back now and I hope you’ll be staying with me.

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    Me too, Sue, but I suspect they have opted for being ‘politically correct’ rather than sticking accurately to the book. The whole point of Ross is that he is a man of contradictions, a complex character. In that context the scene in the book is right.
    But as you say, we shall see. xx

  2. Hi Rena, many thanks for coming to my blog and commenting! I looked at your Blogger profile and saw that you like many of the authors I also love, and I was especially pleased tomsee Deborah Crombie’s name there. I just love her books! Anyway, I now see you write Murder mysteries too, so I’ve signed uo to your Readers’ group and want to thank you for the free book! I’ll look forward to reading it and hopefully more of yours after that. Thanks again! Val

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      Hi Valerie, I am so sorry for not responding sooner to your lovely comment. I’ve been away from blogging for some time, but I’m back now and have only just caught up with your message. I’m so glad you joined the readers group and I hope you enjoyed A Cornish Malice. xx

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