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I have wanted to visit this village since it appeared in a scene from Case Histories. Remember that wonderful BBC crime series featuring Kate Atkinson’s Edinburgh detective Jackson Brodie? I became a crime writer because I love great detective stories, mysteries and thrillers, and Kate’s books are amongst the best.



…But back to South Queensferry. The little houses were still there in their elevated position above the cobbled street just as they were in Case Histories – and the lamp post was there – but sadly Jason Isaacs, the actor who played private eye, Brodie, was nowhere to be seen. So here’s a picture of him just to show you what I missed. And here’s an interview with Jason and some of the other actors in the show, including a rather poignant one with the lovely, now sadly late and much missed, Victoria Wood.

If you watched the series then you’ll remember how atmospheric it was. Brodie is a very different kind of detective from Ian Rankin’s Rebus – even the city looked different on the screen. I wish there could have been more than just two series, but as Jason says in the interview, they just ran out of the books.


South Queensferry is an absolute gem of a village to visit, and just a handful of miles from the centre of Edinburgh. It’s also the best place to view those three iconic bridges across the Firth of Forth.


The picture above shows the Forth Rail Bridge. I hope those windows are triple glazed for the trains that regularly thunder overhead are certainly not quiet.


Here’s another…


This is the new kid on the block – the impressive New Queensferry Crossing, currently under construction and due to be opened this year.

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  1. We love South Queensferry and have been a couple of times – we’ll probably be back again. I also loved the Brodie series, not to mention Jason Isaacs who I’ve always enjoyed watching in anything, even as one of the baddies in Harry Potter!

    1. Post

      I can’t believe we didn’t find South Queensferry years ago, Rosemary. It is such an atmospheric place – like stepping back in time. I’ve seen it so many times from the bridge, but you don’t get any sense of what the place is about when you’re speeding past above.
      I suspect we are not the only ones who are fans of the lovely Jason Isaacs. xx

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