Make Your Dreams Come True

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Many gifts still to wrap, cards still to write, food to buy, drinks to organise, phone calls to make, cupboards to tidy, floors to wash – and a chapter of the book to write! Isn’t Christmas wonderful?

I’m not normally so disorganised, but this year, with so much to do, I’ve definitely been struggling.

Next year things will be different!

Step up my new best friend, the Erin Condren LifePlanner. This little beauty will keep me on track for the coming year.


I can plan my writing schedules, blog posts, email list, newsletters, book launches, and better organise my social media stuff.

There’s also scope for planning shopping trips, menus, family visits, birthdays, high days and holidays.

What could go wrong?

Sending love to everyone for Christmas Day, especially to those who face a difficult time over the holiday. May the coming year bring all of us peace, good health and happiness – and may all our dreams come true.

Rena x

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        That’s the really awful thing about these flooding incidents, Teresa – the misery just keeps going on. Thankfully my family are all safe and their home escaped the deluge, but the Foss came pretty close to invading them. Their relief is someone else’s nightmare though. We are so aware that hundreds of other poor families have not been so fortunate. So very sorry to hear about your mum’s experience, Teresa. What a horrible ordeal! xx

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