How To Write A Scary Ghost Story

Rena George Poldark, Seasonal 4 Comments

Ghosts, ghouls and scary monsters that roam about in the night! It’s that time of year again when witches and warlocks engage in wicked practices, and the souls of the dead are set free to wander.

Eeeeek! Have I scared you?

For us writers it’s the time we all wish we had written that ghost story six months ago,  and were now reaping the rewards of our efforts in the pages of some glossy magazine.


Never mind, there’s always next year, which is why I’m sharing with you my scarily wonderful recipe for putting together a tasty ghostly treat.

Ingredients you will need:

# Start with a likeable character who can befriend your ghost514BPisVKhL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_

# Add an interesting ghost

# Toss in a good reason why it wants to frighten everybody

# Mix with some interesting ways to scare people

# Amalgamate with a few dangerous missions, a spell or two, and something creepy in the attic.

# Leave out the blood and guts

# Come up with a twist ending that amazes your reader.


You could just buy Kath McGurl’s Ghost Stories and How to Write Them.  I have, and if you want to write ghost stories then this is  definitely worth investing in.  Here’s the link

Perhaps you’re planning to celebrate this All Hallows Eve with a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up a giant orange pumpkin or two, but you’ll have to be quick because I have it on good authority that this year’s wet and windy August has seriously impaired the pumpkin crop with 30% turning to mush in the fields.


This lot above didn’t turn to mush. The fabulous picture that shows what pumpkins should look like. This collection was photographed by Meredith Wheeler, lovely wife of my favourite actor, Robin Ellis (the real Poldark!) The couple now live in France where Robin writes very popular diabetic cookery books. Many thanks Meredith for letting me post this great photograph.

Happy Halloween everyone,

Rena x

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  1. Great post! And thank you very much for the plug for my ghost stories book.

    I always loved writing ghost stories. There is something very satisfying about giving the ghost a happy ending – laying them to rest.

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  2. Lovely post – lovely photo of pumpkins too! I loved your recipe for a ghost story and your excellent book recommendation for anyone wanting to write ghost stories 🙂 xx

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