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change-948016_640I’m back!

And with a great sigh of relief (from me) my blog is up and running again. Yay! I hope you will agree that it’s much cleaner, easier to read, and generally just looks a lot better than before.

Being metamorphosed isn’t easy folks and if anyone tries to fool you into believing that such a change around it’s painless, well…just don’t believe them.

We’ve suffered all kinds of angst about what to put in here and what to leave out. Which fonts to use? What colour scheme? How should the heading look?

And at the back of our minds was always the greater task of building the new website, plus the adventurous plan to change my book covers and relaunch the Cornish novels.

The website and novels’ relaunch are still works in progress, but they will be available soon. I’ll be keeping you posted.

The blog still needs a few more tweaks, but I’ll be working on them. The priority was to simply launch it and make it available to my readers again.

New Beginnings

Out there in the wider world it’s also a time for new beginnings. Today (September 23) is the first day of autumn – the Autumn Equinox.

It’s all about the tilt of the earth as it revolves around the sun. That’s the extent of my technical knowledge, but cutting to the chase, it’s a sign that winter is officially coming. So goodbye to summer.

Lunar Eclipse

Also on the celestial horizon in a few days time is a lunar eclipse – not just any old lunar eclipse, thislunar-eclipse-767808_640 event will feature a rare Supermoon, or Blood Moon.

A Supermoon is when a full Moon or new Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth.

For the first time in 30 years the two events will happen at the same time, which in celestial circles is an event of mega importance.

In the skies over the UK the activity starts just before midnight on Sunday and goes on until 5.22am, with the full eclipse happening at 2.11am.

I won’t be up to see it but if you are, then why not drop back and tell us all about it?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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  1. Well done on the new look blog, Rena, and good luck with the website and novel covers! Didn’t realise a lunar eclipse was coming up – would love to see it but won’t be staying up and it’ll most likely be cloudy here.

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      Thank you, Rosemary. I won’t be up in the early hours either. I think the best place to see the lunar eclipse is in Canada and North America. I’ll wait for the TV coverage.x

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      Thanks Teresa. It’s great to be back. This layout is much easier than the old theme and I’m really looking forward to working with it, so watch this space. xx

  2. Hi Rena – love the new look blog! I’m wondering if we’ll get to see the blood moon from here in the Caribbean. I have seen one from here before but I think this one is to be bigger? I’ll look out for it and let you know. Keep on blogging my friend!
    Janice xx

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      It’s great to see you here, Janice. thanks for dropping by with such kind remarks. You should see the Blood Moon in the Caribbean before us. I think it’s something like 9.30pm onwards on Sunday night. I’m already picturing you out and about on that gorgeous beach. xx

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      Glad you like the new blog, Sue. I was wondering where the Poldark lot were filming. Most of the action last time was around the Crown Mines. Exciting. xx

  3. Got to your blog via your retweets of my comment about the cashing-in author of hopeful writers! Very good – I’m in Cornwall too! Interesting topics.

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