Auld Reekie or Dear Green Place?

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Just back from a wonderful few days in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity of comparing the two cities before, at least not from immediate first hand experience. And the thing I’ve learned is that there is no comparison. It would be like making a judgement between Taggart and Rebus. See what I mean? Impossible!

Only 40 miles may separate the two cities, but they’re worlds apart in everything that makes them what they are.

Edinburgh is Glasgow’s posh relation (if you don’t stray into the less affluent corners that is) It is certainly cultural, a historian’s wonderland, a city of festivals and fine old buildings.

Edinburgh is home to the Scottish Parliament, the royal neighbours across the road in Holyrood Palace, a hugely over budget slick new tram system, Greyfriars Bobby, Ian Rankin, J.K. Rowling. I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

Glasgow doesn’t have any of this. It has the River Clyde, the squinty bridge (so named by locals because it’s, well…squinty)

It has Sauchiehall Street, George Square, the very stylish Buchanan Street, and the elegant Princes Square, with its top eateries and shopping galleries jam packed with the trendiest boutiques.

Glasgow has the Horseshoe bar – 104 feet 3 inches of Victorian bar splendour – and the Park bar, where Highlanders gather with locals and tourists for spontaneous Ceílídhs.

And on a Saturday afternoon, when the streets are teeming with good-natured shoppers – and some of the most musically talented buskers I have ever enjoyed listening to – it has to be the friendliest city in the world.

Edinburgh is a city to admire, to watch things and learn stuff.

Glasgow is a city whose people are its biggest stars, whose humour and friendliness is hard to beat.

Auld Reekie or Dear Green Place? As a very proud Scot, I love them both.

As a very proud Glaswegian – well, guess which is my favourite city.

* Translation of title of this blog post for non Scots – Auld Reekie (what Glasgow Folk call Edinburgh) Dear Green Place (the meaning of Glasgow’s name)

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  1. A very good overview, Rena – I always tell visitors to the country or people I meet abroad that Glasgow is the friendliest of the two! Pity I didn’t get to meet up with you in Glasgow (I live just down the coast a little) but I expect your time would be precious.

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      It would have been brilliant to meet up with you, Rosemary, but it was literally a whistle stop visit, long enough however to convince us return to Glasgow very soon.

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