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To mark the end of Poldark (and my epic 8-weekly reviews) I’ve organised free downloads of my two Mellin Cove novels.

Danger at Mellin Cove

A 30,000 novella – and my very first book.

The following quotes are from some of the lovely Amazon reviews it has received.

* “Enjoyed every page.”

* “Full of suspense.”

* “Characters and descriptions of the scenery left an impression in my mind long after I finished reading it.”

“Atmospheric tale of love, loyalty and smuggling.”

You can download it here.

Mistress of Mellin Cove

The 50,000 + word sequel.

And here are some of the nice things readers had to say about it.

* “I was captivated throughout.”

* “An enjoyable and immersive adventure.”

*  “Looked forward to reading this one and was not disappointed.”

* “Well written in a simple and compelling style.”

You can download it here.

If you want them you’ll have to be quick. The free download of the Mellin Cove novels is only for two days.

And please… if you do take the trouble to download and read the novels. I would love it if you could find time to leave a review. Thank you everyone.

** Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. You can download a free app from Amazon and read the books on whatever device you use.

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      Aw, thank you, Rosemary. You are such a busy lady I’m amazed you find time to read anything. But if you do find that elusive time then maybe you might also like to download this weekend’s free book. It’s Where Moonbeams Dance, a contemporary, if different, Highland romance. x

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