Poldark Review Episode Seven

Rena George Cornwall, Poldark 2 Comments

At last some meat on the bones. The best episode yet!

This series has blown hot and cold over the past seven weeks, and there have been many times when, for me, the action dragged, but this wasn’t one of them.

The plot took off a breakneck speed – and just kept going.

Ross’s boyhood friend, Mark Daniel, finally gives in to his rage at flighty wife, Keren’s betrayal of him with the handsome Dr Dwight Enys – and although Mark doesn’t mean to kill her, his powerful hands around Keren’s neck do just that.

The good doctor feels responsible for Keren’s death, and is filled with guilt and remorse. Ross advises him to get far away from the area, but Dwight insists on staying to face the music.

Meanwhile, Mark Daniel is a man on the run, but with Ross’s help, aided and abetted by Demelza, he escapes in the Poldark’s boat across The Channel to France.

Demelza also has to face up to her actions. She has been secretly arranging clandestine meetings between Ross’s cousin, Verity, and Captain Blamey. When the pair sneaks off to get married, Verity’s brother, Francis, is furious and wrongly blames Ross for orchestrating the elopement.

Believing his cousin Ross has betrayed him, Francis gets his own back by revealing Ross’s secret business partners in a mining company to the scheming banker, George Warleggan, who then sets about destroying that business.

Feeling guilty about her part in all of this, Demelza goes to Francis and admits that it was she, and not her husband, who helped Varity to elope. But Francis’s blood is up and he is in no mood to believe her. He orders her out of his home, telling her and Ross never to return.

Feeling completely wretched, Demelza returns to Nampara, not looking forward to explaining her actions to Ross. Will he forgive her, or will this destroy their marriage?

We’ll have to wait for the final episode next week to find out what happens next.

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