Poldark Review Episode Five

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There’s a new addition to Ross and Demelza’s family this week with the birth of baby Julia. Once again her bullying father turns up to spoil things at the Christening.
I keep waiting for the explosive scenes I remember from the original series, but they don’t happen. I’m a little disappointed about this. It’s not a great idea to sacrifice drama and entertainment for the sake of sticking rigidly to the book. Don’t get me wrong, Winston Graham’s novels are wonderful, but telly is a different thing, and I’m beginning to worry that this adaptation is becoming a little dumbed down.
One of my most favourite sequences from the early Poldark novels is when Demelza tries to rescue Verity’s love life. Faced with a wall of snobbery from the rest of the Cornish gentry, Demelza recognises that Verity is the only one who befriends her. But Verity is still secretly pining for love of her life, Captain Blamey, So unknown to Ross, Demelza sets up a clandestine meeting between the two…watch this space!
Love is also in the air for miner, Mark Daniel, but his flighty new wife, actress. Keren, already has her eye on Ross’s friend, the good Dr Ennis…watch this storyline!
Elsewhere Francis stakes his family mine on a game of cards – and he loses. The future is looking bleak, not to mention poor for Elizabeth. Will she be casting her come hither glances back in Ross’s direction?…Watch this space!
So to recap – episode 5 has been much about setting the scene for upcoming storylines. Roll on next week when we might (hopefully) see some of them unfold.

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      My husband said exactly the same thing as you, Sue, and he never comments on this kind of drama. They are only doing the first two books, so the writer should have had plenty of scope. I suspect the Winston Graham family have a lot of say in what’s included, and how it’s done.

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