Poldark Review – Episode Three

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Well it was all happening in Episode Three, wasn’t it?

Firstly, Ross became local hero when he re-opened the family mine, Wheal Leisure, providing jobs for all.

…And then Elizabeth and Francis’s baby son was born.

…And then Ross and Demelza got up close and personal.

…And now they are married!


…And, as it all that wasn’t enough, we had the pleasure of seeing the first Captain Poldark, Robin Ellis, in the same scene as our Aidan (Turner).

For my money, no one will ever equal Robin Ellis in the role, but I doubt if that was ever the intention of the current lead, Dublin actor, Aidan. He plays the part in a completely different, and wonderful, way. From the body language of the two actors when I’ve seen them together, I suspect Robin heartily approves of his new incarnation.

I didn’t even mind that Robin was playing nasty judge, the Reverend Halse, who sent poor Jim Carter to Bodmin Jail for the terrible crime of poaching to bring food home to his pregnant wife, Ginny.

The significance of having both actors present during that scene was not lost on the rest of the cast, who we’re told, burst into spontaneous applause at the end of filming. There couldn’t have been a dry eye in the house.

The mining scenes were shot at Botallack, where the engine house of the Crown Mine perches precariously on the very edge of the cliffs. It has to be one renageorge-cornish_revenge300x300of the most scenic places in a county of scenic places. The buildings are derelict now, and there’s an eeriness when the wind howls in from the sea, and whistles round the old remains.

The site was so atmospheric that I set the first chapter of my novel, A Cornish Revenge, there. You can read the Prologue in my next post later in the week.

Word is, based on the early evidence of the show’s already phenomenal success, that the Beeb has already decided there will be a future Poldark. The Filming of series two in Cornwall could start as early as this coming September.

Now Winston Graham wrote 12 Poldark novels. This current series dramatizes only two of them.  Do the maths folks – and then feel free to join me in a rousing cheer.

Bring it on!

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