Christmas, Murder – and a Cornish Obsession!

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This lovely house in Marazion is where we stay when we go to Cornwall.

Right next to it is the little cottage where Loveday Ross, the main character in my Cornish mystery series, lives.

You won’t be able to see it because it only exists in my books, but it’s there all right. There are rabbits on the lawn, and the cottage looks out over a misty St Michael’s Mount.


It’s three years now since Loveday gave up her job on a Glasgow newspaper to return to her Cornish roots as editor of the glossy Truro-based lifestyle magazine Cornish Folk.

Since then she’s made friends with Cassie, who lives in that big house next door with GP husband Adam and their two spirited children Sophie and Leo.

When Cassie and Loveday get together in her kitchen for coffee and a natter, I never miss a chance to tag along. How else would I catch up on all the gossip?

Besides, there’s always the chance that Loveday’s big, handsome policemen, DI Sam Kitto, will drop by. She and Sam don’t always have the easiest of relationships. It’s not as if she gets involved in his cases on purpose.

renageorge-cornish_obsessionOn this particular morning it had snowed overnight, making Loveday’s regular jog along the beach trickier than usual. But she was determined to go through with it because it was the only way she could get the previous night’s stupid argument with Sam out of her head. So she ran hard, her cheeks tingling from cold, as she pounded along close to the tideline. Only once did she glance up to the terrace of cottages overlooking the beach.

At this early hour the terrace is quiet. Soon it will be buzzing with police vehicles, uniformed PCs, officers in forensic suits, and a Home Office pathologist. And the whole circus will be focused on the little rundown cottage where Jago Tilley lies dead – murdered – at the foot of his stairs.

If you fancy joning Sam and Loveday as they unravel the twists and turns of old Jago’s killing – and the others that follow it – they will be waiting to welcome you in my new crime novel, A Cornish Obsession.

It’s available here for a limited time at the introductory download price of 77p.

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