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The picture above has nothing to do with this post, I just never tire of lovely Cornish places. This gorgeous old harbour cottage nestles in one of those spectacular coves way down on the Lizard.

I’ve been a very lazy blogger these past few weeks. Sorry folks!! I blame the weather (and maybe the fact that I’ve been dithering about over the latest book).
The first draft is finished. At least it would be if I didn’t keep fiddling with it. And that’s where the problem lies.
This book is the latest in my Loveday Ross Cornish Mystery Series, with publication planned for December.

The Cornish Series compilation on Amazon currently sits at #10 in its category ranking.The Cornish Series

But to get back to the WIP, it’s the series thing that’s causing all the shilly-shallying because I’m having to go back to the beginning and read those earlier books very carefully, making notes as I go about characters’ ages, comments made by them, little snatches of their history I might have mentioned, and forgotten about.

Let’s face it; it would be a cardinal sin for the colour of a character’s eyes to change from blue in Book One, to brown in Book Two, the same for hair, personality, and the spelling of names. I have been known to give different characters in subsequent books the same name. Grrrr!

All writers have their own preferences of course, but I like to use the actual names of bigger towns and areas, street names and the like, because I know readers who are familiar with Cornwall enjoy following the characters around places they recognise. Pubs, restaurants, well-known attractions, and smaller villages and hamlets all get fictitious names. So you can see why it’s important to check that continuity from book to book. I’ve learned the hard way to keep an up to date database of characters and place names. Don’t know how I managed without it.

Given what I’m busy doing this week, the arrival of these couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment.IMG_2093

A Cornish Revenge was the first in above series. It’s also the first crime novel I’ve had published in the Linford Mystery Imprint, which I am really excited about. (The previous ones have all been romances).

Have a lovely week, everyone

Rena x

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      Thank you, Rosemary. It’s always a thrill when the advance copies of your book arrive in the post. This Large Print edition of A Cornish Revenge will be published on August 1.

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