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Blue renageorge-mistress-mellin-cove-smallThe launch of my new novel, Mistress of Mellin Cove, has seemed like a long time coming for me, but here it at last – PUBLISHED!

And just to get you into the mood for the rugged cliffs and crashing waves, passions, jealousies and intrigues of 18th century Cornwall, I’m inviting everyone to download of the first book in the series, Danger at Mellin Cove FOR FREE!

Mistress of Mellin Cove

It’s the middle of the 18th century, when smuggling is rife in Cornwall, and cargo ships crossing the English Channel are prey to attacks from pirates. The Lady Emma, on passage to France, meets a different fate…


High on the cliffs above Mellin Cove, Kit St Neot reins in his black stallion and peers out into the storm. He gasps when he sees the tall-masted ship, helpless against the relentless fury of the waves, being hurled to the rocks.

Adrenaline courses through his body as he gallops to the beach and throws himself from his horse. Plunging into the surf, he strikes out for the small, limp body he can see being tossed by the breakers. In one desperate bid he plucks the creature from the sea and struggles ashore.

But back at Mellin Hall Kit is in for a surprise when he leaves the half-dead victim in the care of his housekeeper, Jesemy. For the person he rescued from the sea is not the cabin boy he thought, but a lovely young woman – and she has no recollection of who she is.

The Inspiration

The first nugget of inspiration for Mistress of Mellin Cove, came to me as my husband and I walked along the cobbles of the Barbican, the old harbour area of Plymouth, from where the Pilgrim Fathers are believed to have finally left England on board the Mayflower.


As we looked at the expensive yachts bobbing at their moorings, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what the place would have looked like a couple of centuries earlier. There would have been tall masts and rigging, a quayside busy with activity, and the smell of ropes and tar everywhere.


In my head a plot was beginning to come together. The story would centre around a girl, Dewi Luscombe, who would be plucked from a shipwreck in the wild seas off Cornwall by handsome Kit St Neot, Master of Mellin Hall. She would be a woman of mystery, with no memory of who she was, or where she came from.


I had already found a setting for Mellin Hall, half real, half imagined, standing high above a little fishing cove down Land’s End way.


In my mind’s eye I could see the wild Cornish seas crashing into Mellin Cove, and the fleet of twin-masted fishing luggers in the small harbour. I could see Mellin Hall towering over the scene from high on the cliffs


Mistress of Mellin Cove would be a tale of sailing ships and wreckers, pirates and smuggling, and Dewi’s desperate plight to discover her past. There would be danger and intrigue, secrets and jealousy. And, as in Danger at Mellin Cove, the St Neot family, of Penmere, would be at the heart of the drama…


Well that’s it…my new novel. You can buy it here. I do hope you like it.



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  1. Thanks Rena, I will be downloading the first of the series and you ignite my imagination with your post. It is blustery enough here today to imagine anything and I am not even in Cornwall though do have a holiday home in Fowey where we happened to be when the extreme storms and winds hit. I was inspired myself by nature’s raw power.(or ROAR power haha!) I am writing a paranormal novel at the moment and hope I can ignite the imaginations as much as you when it is complete.
    Debbie x

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    Aw, thank you, Deborah. That’s really kind of you. We go to lovely Cornwall all the time, but we’re not lucky enough to have a proper holiday home there.
    I hope you enjoy Danger at Mellin Cove enough to be tempted to download ‘Mistress’. Rena x

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