A Highland Fling

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Apologies for missing my last two Friday blog postings. Did you notice? No? Oh…

Well the reason for the non-appearance is in the photo below – the River Ness in all her glory, with our hotel on the far bank.


If I was more technically skilled, like so many of you out there, I would have been able to send blog posts from the Scottish Highlands, and flick pictures across to my Facebook status.

For instance, I would have posted a picture the day a baby deer ran across the road in front us, just outside our hotel, did a double take at the open door of a house, and disappeared down the lane beside it.

But I’m not that clever, so you’ll have to take my word that it happened.


I’ll let you drool over this adorable little cottage instead. I’ve no idea who lives here, but I kind of wish it was me. I can’t image a better writing retreat, can you?

Our little 12-month-old granddaughter was with us for the first time this holiday, and endeared herself to everyone by waving, smiling, and blowing kisses to complete strangers. You see, that’s how easy it is to make friends.


The image on the right is a rig that I snapped just off Cromarty, in the Black Isle. I think these structures are fascinating, and to see one so close to shore was a treat.

I would also have posted about the time we wandered into an old antique shop and discovered that the owner we met was one of the regular experts on Dickinson’s Real Deal, but enjoy this picture of the plants in Inverness’s Floral Hall instead.


Sadly, not every day was sunny, but I don’t think that matters too much in the highlands. There is something very atmospheric about misty lochs, black hills and glowering skies, like the one below, that I love.IMG_0705

Oh, just one more thing, the proofreads for Mistress of Mellin Cove came through while we were still away. I’ve checked them through and am really delighted with the lovely Wendy’s work. I’ll be doing a special post on this next week.

Hope the sun shines on you until then. Rx

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      Thank you, Rosemary. There is a compelling sadness about the Highlands that seems to be magnified on those misty, atmospheric days. But whatever the weather, the beauty of the place always takes my breath away. Rx

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      How did you guess, Susan? It just so happens that I have this idea for a Highland detective, so much time was spent taking research pictures. I had already researched (in great detail) the police headquarters in Inverness because my main character was to be based there. Fortunately, I discovered in time (thank you, Rhona) that this was purely an administrative centre and that the real operational police HQ was in a completely different part of town. Just shows that you can’t rely on internet research. Rx

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  1. Oh what a stunning place – love the cottage and the river Ness! Even the rig looks amazing! Glad you and your family had such a relaxing and inspiring time! Big hoorrah for your successful proofreads too! Take care

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      I know you usually travel much further afield, Cara, but Scotland – especially Highland Scotland – should not be missed. You will so not be disappointed.Rx

  2. We love Scotland and have travelled all around, absolutely loved the region around Balmoral and the beautiful beaches down the West Coast.
    I’m so pleased you visited my blog as I’m going to you on my list of favourites.
    I really like your style of writing.
    Many people have told me I should write a book…. Mary Wesley was 72 when she wrote The Camomile Lawn
    and Rosemary Pilcher was getting on a bit, when she wrote The Shell Seekers.
    Maybe there’s hope for me yet !

    Best wishes,

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