A Christmas novel? …well, maybe next year.

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bestsellers-67048_640It’s some time since I produced a writerly blog post, so just in case you thought I had laid my pen aside forever, and reached for my knitting instead, well…err…no. I’ve actually been quite industrious, which makes my current dilemma all the more frustrating.

renageorge-mellin_cove_300x300Way back at the beginning of the year I had everything planned out. I would write a sequel to Danger at Mellin Cove – my first Pocket Novel and now in large print in libraries – and publish it as a new Kindle book in the spring.

Next, I would write another novel in my Loveday Ross Cornish crime series. This one would be a Christmas story – A Cornish Christmas Murder – which I would have ready for a big seasonal promotion by the beginning of November.

All of this would leave me free to concentrate on the first book in my new Scottish police procedural series in 2014.

What could go possibly wrong?-1

Actually, nothing major did go wrong, because I have written both novels, but only to the first draft stage. Now, with so many family commitments pressing for attention, I know there is no hope of having a Cornish Christmas Murder edited, revised, and polished enough in time for the big pre-Christmas promotion I had intended. So I’m having to compromise (Are you still following this?) by getting the first book, Mistress of Mellin Cove, ready for publication in a few weeks time. There isn’t so much pressure here because it’s not a Christmas story.

I will still go ahead with my Scottish detective next year, and plan to start the re-writes on A Cornish Christmas Murder in time for that big seasonal promo next year.

books-155185_640Thank heavens I didn’t sign up for NaNo this year – although at the last count, 299,437 other novelists did.

If the above sounds a bit confusing and complicated, well the good news is that in Rena land it all works. Although I won’t know until the end of next year if I have actually achieved my goals.

I suppose life would be simpler if I stuck to only one writing project at a time, and followed it through until the end. I just don’t work like that.
Romy Gemmell has a few thoughts on the subject in an interview about her lovely novel, Midwinter Masquerade, over on Lisa Chalmers blog.

What do you think?
Do you power ahead single-mindedly until the book/short story/article you are working on is finished? Or do you like to have another piece of work to turn your attention to when you hit a blank wall?
All comments eagerly awaited.

Have a great week everyone. Rx

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  1. Life very often takes off on a way of its own doesn’t it Rena? Well, yours and mine do anyway! I have no doubt that you get everything done but not necessarily in the order you had imagined! So far this week I’ve had to do a review, a columnn and a piece on people who live aboard – oh and another sailing piece for a different magazine. I go from one to another which helps me have space from each one.And make sure they’re in by deadline of Friday! xx

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