Happy Halloween – And a Few Giveaways

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autumn-2862_1280Ghosts, ghouls, witches on their broomsticks – and supermarkets once again making a killing on the millions of bright orange pumpkins we all buy.

It’s Halloween!!

According to my research, Halloween originated in the early Middle Ages as a Catholic vigil observed on the eve of All Saints Day, November 1. Some people believe it could link back to an even earlier pagan festival of ancient Ireland known as Samhain, marking the end of summer and onset of winter. It was a time when witches and warlocks engaged in wicked practices, and the souls of the dead were set free to roam. (Eeeeek!)

witch-151160_150Apparently, in many parts of Scotland it was customary to leave an empty chair and a plate of food for invisible guests. (Hmmm!)

In the not so dim and distant past in Scotland, when the only pumpkin we knew of was the one that turned into a golden coach for Cinderella, we were scooping our Halloween lanterns out turnips, kindly donated by local farmers. We’d never heard of ‘Trick or Treat’, guising was good enough for us. And what a time we had dookin’ for apples and trying to bite at treacle-smothered scones, dangling on strings. (You had to be there)

halloween-145754_150But back to the present day, and lots of lovely writers are hailing the festival by offering their books for free. There are lots of links to the giveaways on Womag’s blog. And Glynis Smy, who celebrates her birthday today, has a gift for everyone over on her blog.

IMG_1918Today is also the eve of the publication of my third Large Print Linford Romance novel. It’s always exciting when the advance copies arrive in the post, and an even bigger thrill knowing that these books will go into public libraries. I’m delighted to tell you that there are three more of these novels in the pipeline – two for the Linford Mysteries imprint, and another romance.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Rx

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  1. Ooooh, I have a large print Trust In Me, too – we can be twins :0)

    It looks fab, Rena. Congratulations.

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween – and that Glynis had a good birthday.


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      Hi Suzanne, lovely to see you here, and thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I knew we doubled up on the Trust in Me title. Great minds, eh? I’ve read your lovely book. You’ve set the standards high. Hope the readers enjoy mine as much as they do yours. Rx

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  2. Hi Rena .. the links to modern day Hallowe’en is interesting isn’t it .. just sometimes those Popish links and changes makes it quite difficult to follow along …

    Great to have those giveaways .. and I hadn’t realised it was Glynis birthday .. I’ll be in touch with her .. cheers Hilary

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