The Monks’ Story

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I thought I would introduce you to my lovely monks this week. I found them in a country auction in North Yorkshire and they reminded me so much of the wicked friars in Daphne du Maurier’s The House on the Strand that I knew I had to have them.41mcoQQlMAL._SL190_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU02_AA190_
The monks were under a table, in a box lot of ceramics.
Sadly all did not go according to plan at the auction, and the bids went higher that I expected, so the monks went to someone else.
Unknown to me at the time, my lovely husband got busy with some behind the scenes negotiations. The auction house put him in touch with the successful bidder, who accepted an offer for the monks. Deal done!
We agreed to meet at his stall in the antiques fair at Lincoln Showground the following weekend.
I felt ridiculously proud to see my monks taking pride on place on his stall with a ‘sold’ sign on them.
The dealer and his wife turned out to be a lovely retired Spanish couple whose love of antiques had prompted them to set up a business selling antiques. It was fascinating to hear their stories of all the antiques’ fairs they attended, and the problems of storing all their ‘stock’ in their garage.
New Making PoldarkI remember that couple now every time I admire my monks.
I don’t know anything about them, so if any of you recognize them and can shed any light on their history or origins I would love to hear from you.

Writerly news – I’m trying to maintain a 2,000 words day target for my latest Loveday Ross Cornish Christmas novel. I also have a Mellin Cove sequel on the back burner – so busy, busy.

For all you Poldark fans – I know you’re still out there. Here is a lovely interview with Robin Ellis (aka Captain Ross Poldark) on Radio 4. Enjoy!!

His book, Making Poldark is pretty good, too.

Happy reading and writing, everyone.


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      Totally agree, Wendy, Poldark was brilliant. It will be interesting to see how good the new version will be. I think the programme makers have some pretty big shoes to fill. I have to admit that 2K words can be quite tough some days but nothing compares with that feeling of achievement as the word count grows. Rx

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      Thank you, Teresa. I was thrilled when he found the monks for me. The way he tracked down the dealer, and our exciting little trip to collect them at the antiques’ fair in Lincoln, has made them all the more memorable.
      On the writing front – I’m loving my 2,000 words a day challenge. Sometimes I write more. It’s just so much easier for me to write a novel than a short story.

  1. A lovely post, Rena! Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed reading it and am so glad you have your Monks after all. I’d forgotten about Poldark but remember waiting every week for it to come on the TV, it was just so good. Congratulations too on your word count.

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      Hi Sharon. Yes, I love my monks…not as much as I loved my Poldark, though. A film company is currently planning a remake. It will have to be very, very good to satisfy the original fans.
      As for the 2K words a day, well, I just can’t wait to get back to my writing every morning to find out what happens next. My characters seem to be in charge now. I’m just trying to keep up with them. Rx

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