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I’ve just completed my latest People’s Friend (I hope) pocket novel. There’s at least a week of revisions and editing to do, but I’m still feeling euphoric. And amazingly…I’m actually looking forward to the edit.

highland HeartTo celebrate, I’m inviting everyone interested to help themselves to a free download of my Scottish romance, Highland Heart here for three days – Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th February.

Usually when I get to this point in a novella I’m all written out. I’ve done my best and it’s just a chore to face that second draft.

It’s different this time, because I ignored my natural inclination to check, rewrite and research as I went along.

When I reached a time-consuming/research bit, I just typed myself an instruction in caps – CHECK HANNAH’S AGE! – WHAT DOES ABERCROMBIE TARTAN LOOK LIKE? – MAKE OF CAR? –  WHEN TO PLANT A FIELD OF POTATOES? –  WHAT’S AN ERISKAY PONY?  –  CHECK THE CROFTERS’ COMMISSION!

You’re all just dying to read it now, aren’t you???

One thing I did come across along the way was the title – which I’m keeping to myself for the moment.

Finding the right title for books is not my strength, possibly because I haven’t mastered the technique of thinking ‘outside the box.’

Brainstorming, spider graphs, and word association. Song titles, proverbs, phrases and sayings – I’ve tried them all.

Some writers come up with their title at the same time as a story idea emerges, playing around with it to see what happens. We’re all different.

At other times there are those great ‘lightbulb’ moments when a great title manifests itself out of the ether. The ones that come to me like that seldom have anything to do with the wip, but it all gets jotted down in case the right book emerges.

I’d love to hear how you choose your titles.

Rena xx

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  1. Congratulations on finishing a new book 🙂 Sounds intriguing!

    Sometimes I get a title before I get a story and occasionally it becomes obvious as I write, but there are times when thinking up a title is almost as hard work as writing the story! x

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  2. Your new pocket novel sounds great, Rena. I’m looking forward to reading about Hannah, crofters and and an Eriskay pony (I googled Eriskay Pony; they’re gorgeous).
    Titles drive me mad. I can’t start writing a story until I get one that feels right. Silly thing is, once I have got title I’m happy with, I usually refer to the story as ‘The Easter one’ or ‘The 3 POV story’. The title I came up with for the 3 POV story was ‘A Very Good Move’. It’s been accepted by PF and more likely than not will get yet another title.

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      Lovely to see you here, Pat. I had such fun researching Eriskay ponies. These days they’re mostly kept as pets, but traditionally they were the work horses of the Scottish islands. And yes, you’re right, they are totally gorgeous. x

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      Finding the right title is like so many other things in life, you worry away determined to do everything right, and still hit a blank wall – and then, out of the blue, it’s suddenly there. Those are the golden moments. What a pity we can’t start with those first! x

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