A Haggis for Burns Night

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If you thought that Haggis was just a Scottish mealy pudding, served up with neeps ‘n tatties at  Burns Suppers…well, folks, meet Haggis Scoticus!


Here he is in all his hairy glory, and fresh from running wild in the Highland glens. Not too many people have seen the real thing.

I’m only letting you into this closely-guarded secret because tonight (January 25th) is Burns Night – and people the world over will be gathering to celebrate the Bard’s 254th birthday.

As far as I know, no-one has ever been able to capture this elusive creature – except that is, for the boffins at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

They are so proud of their achievement that they have put this fine specimen on show.

The accompanying notice explains all…


Enjoy those Burns Suppers.

Rena xx



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  1. Haggis is not an animal, it’s a delicious meal made up of animal’s.
    Not a type of animal.

    This makes me so angry!!!!!!!


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      Oh dear, Mr true scotsman…

      IT WAS A JOKE!

      I was born and brought up in Glasgow, so I do know what a haggis is, but like most Scots, I can also have a laugh at myself.

      This post about an exhibit in the Kelvingrove Museum was about the museum having a little bit of fun.

      Shame it made you – “so angry!!!!!!”

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