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I’ve started my new writing year off with a blast by putting my two latest pocket novels up on Kindle. The names have been changed from the original DC Thomson publications to avoid confusion with other novels.

                                Highland Heart

highland_heart_cover-largerBack teaching in Balcreggan, the Highland village where she was brought up, Rowan Fairlie has everything.

She’s amongst the people she cares most about. And Simon Fraser, the handsome young owner of Balcreggan Estate, wants to marry her. Life surely couldn’t get much better? But there is a problem! She doesn’t love him.

Rowan is far more intrigued by Clett Drummond, the new tenant farmer at Ballinbrae Farm, who has come to the Highlands to help his two little daughters, Charlotte and Poppy, recover from their mother’s death in a car accident.

But he isn’t behaving like a farmer. His air of authority suggests he’s more used to giving orders than taking them.

And there’s an aggression between the two men that worries Rowan. Their paths have obviously crossed before – and not in any friendly way.


 Inherit the Dream

When recently qualified chef, Kerra Morrison, is named as the main beneficiary of her inheret_dream_cover-largeruncle’s will, it causes a family rift. Her cousins, Sarah and David, are furious that their father has favoured her over them, and storm out of the solicitor’s office with mutterings of ‘getting even’.
When there’s a break-in, and an attempt to sabotage Kerra’s new tearoom, the finger of suspicion points to her cousins.

But are they really the guilty ones? Or are darker forces at work in the Highland town of Craigallen?

With her new business virtually destroyed, all seems lost for Kerra, until young GP, Dr Duncan Crombie, comes to her aid.

It would be easy to fall for such a man – if only he didn’t keep throwing up barriers every time they seemed to be getting close.
Just when Kerra feels that things are at last going her way, sophisticated London businesswoman, Lauren King, moves into Blairdhu House.

But why does her presence have such an effect on Duncan?

They clearly know each other  – and were more than just friends!


In celebration of the above, please feel free to download my little Cornish mystery. It’s available for free on January 16,17 and 18.

Captured in Cornwall.captured

It’s a while since I’ve kindled anything and I was delighted to discover that Amazon has made the process even easier.

If you’ve never attempted it, but would like to have a go, can I suggest that the single most important thing is to thoroughly check your book before you start.

No matter how meticulous your edit, misspelt words, literals and duplicates still all too easily slip through the net.

I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by telling how to kindle a book. It’s not necessary because the author is taken through every step. I will mention though that you should remember (unlike me) to put all your ‘front material’  i.e. title, blurb, copyright etc., at the top of your book document, each separated by a page break.

The whole thing downloads as one file, which you can review before publishing.

Have fun with your kindling!

Rena xx




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    Thanks, Sue.
    Both new novels will be available as Large Print paperbacks later in year and can be borrowed from libraries.
    I’m afraid the Cornish one is only available in Kindle. xx

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