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Every year at this time I find myself wandering through the bookshops, and imagining how great it would be if my name was on the cover of one of those brilliant Christmas novels.
It’s the same at the newsagents’ when I pick up the gorgeous Christmas editions of my favourite mags, and recognise the names of authors on all the inspiring seasonal stories.
Huge congratulations to everyone who has been published, by the way.
Next year I plan to be more organised, and at least attempt some Christmas stories.
I think the problem in the past has been that in June, when forward-planning editors are looking for seasonal stories, it’s not easy to get into the Christmas spirit.
The trees are not touched with frost, shops aren’t sparkling with Christmas cheer, and carol singers don’t gather in groups, warmly muffled in red scarfs, woolly hats and gloves, to entertain the crowds in the High Street.
In short, it’s difficult to get that authentic seasonal atmosphere when we are all kitted out in summer t-shirts and sandals.
So this year, I’m collecting memories.
Pictures, comments, magazine and newspaper articles will all go into my special file.
I’ll be making notes on our own family Christmas celebration, and all the preparations that are going into it.
I’ll be cutting and pasting posts from fellow bloggers, and generally collecting snippets which, next June, will hopefully transport me back to what’s happening now.
Sadly, it won’t all be happy stuff.
Christmas brings so many emotions and, for whatever reason, it will always be a difficult time for many of us.
I can’t imagine how awful it must be for all those caught up in the current terrible floods. My heart goes out to them.
Their poignant stories will also go into my file.

Have a Happy Christmas, everyone.

Rena xx

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  1. The floods are awful aren’t they. It’s a reminder that this isn’t a happy time for everyone, sadly.

    I think your special file of ideas is such a good idea!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Post

      Yes, sadly not everyone will be blessed with a happy Christmas this year. My heart goes out to all those whose homes have been devastated by the floods, and the thousands more who can’t get home because of the weather conditions.
      I hope you and your family are all safe and dry, Teresa, and that you have a wonderful Christmas. xx

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