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 Why doesn’t Woman’s Weekly like me?

I’ve done my market research, and analysed the magazine’s content to within an inch of its life. I’ve studied the short stories – first and third person, characters, motivation, plots – and written up my short fiction every which way. Yet I still have enough rejection letters from WW to paper my front room. (I exaggerated that bit, but there’s a LOT of letters) The latest arrived this week for a story I sent so long ago that I’d clean forgotten about it.

Other magazines buy my work. I’ve been published in Take a Break, TAB Fiction Feast, The People’s Friend, My Weekly, Weekly News and overseas magazines.

So what am I doing wrong for WW?

(All advice from lovely blogging friends gratefully received)

My real ambition is to write a serial for the mag, and I’ve had marginally more success here.

The first attempt was rejected, (of course) but fiction editor, Gaynor Davies, wrote back saying she liked the warmth in my writing. That was enough to inspire another try, but again it wasn’t ‘quite right’ for WW. However this rejection came with more encouraging words from the lovely Gaynor.

Surely third time had to be lucky?

Sadly no, but Gaynor was now showing some real interest and suggested I write up my serial as a 10,000 word long short story. I was really excited about this, only to be devastated when the response came back. Another rejection! The editor this time felt it was too ‘cosy crime’ for the magazine.

However it wasn’t a total disaster. I liked the story enough to kindle it and the e-book version Captured in Cornwall is now available for everyone to rush out and buy from Amazon.

I still have WW in my sights and as long as there are wonderful serial writers like Geraldine Ryan and Catherine Howard to inspire me, I will keep on trying.

So watch this space…

And just before I go – If you’ve been devastated by the news that the Scottish Conker Championships were cancelled this year due to the weather-related lack of chestnuts, then I bring you good tidings.

Helpful conker fans from down Buckinghamshire way – where the nuts are plentiful on the ground – have sent a lorry load north, and saved the day (and the champs)

It all explains why my foraging trips to collect barrow loads of chestnuts to dissuade horrible spiders from visiting our house all failed miserably.

I’ve been forced to buy spray cans of chestnut oil.

Fingers crossed for a happy arachnoid-free week everyone.

Rena xx

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      Good advice about more detailed WW guidelines. I might just do that, Flowerpot. And yes, isn’t it great to know that not everyone is missing the conkers this year. x

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