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 I’m absolutely delighted to share my news that my People’s Friend Pocket Novel, Another Chance is now in the shops.   And here it is …

I’m especially pleased that it’s been published in the same week as the magazine launched it’s new revamped look.

There are 16 extra pages, which means more space for features and fiction. The magazine guarantees to publish seven short stories – two more than before – and the usual two serials every week.

There’s a new fresher, brighter look, and the contents’ page has been moved from the back to the front. I could never understand why it wasn’t there in the first place. I guess that was just the quirkiness of the ‘Friend’.

I have special affection for this lovely magazine because they bought my very first short story. It wasn’t an immediate acceptance. In fact six months passed after I submitted it when I didn’t hear from them, so I took my courage in my hands and rang the fiction department – and thank goodness I did.

Apparently the editor who read my story had responded with an encouraging two-page letter of suggestions on how the story could be improved. Somehow it had got lost in the post, so the lovely man sent it to me again.

I re-worked my story, following all of his suggestions to the letter. It was like a master class in a discipline that was completely new to me. In all my years in journalism I had never tried writing fiction. It was a whole different mindset, so I really appreciated the chance to work with an expert in the field.

My story Stormy Weather appeared in an issue in October 2008 and it can be read on my website.

Take care all.  xx

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  1. Oh, how great your pocket novel is out in the same week as the revamped magazine. When I heard the plans for it I was hoping I’d have a story in the first ‘bigger, brighter’ Friend. But I’m in next week’s isue so I just missed out.
    I’ll buy your newest PN when I go to the shops later today.

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  2. Thank goodness you rang about your story! They are such lovely people to work with aren’t they 🙂 Congratulations on your new pocket novel – I shall look out for it when I go out of town x

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      Thanks, Teresa, and yes, I’m so glad I checked up on that first story. I love writing for the Friend, the people there are just brilliant.I haven’t been writing many short stories recently, but it’s great news that this magazine is strengthening its fiction content when so many others seem to be chopping theirs. x

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  3. Hi Rena
    I saw and bought your pocket novel last night and am just going to start it now (been saving it as a treat). May I also add how much I enjoyed Danger At Mellin Cove (it’s on my keeper shelf and my mum enjoyed it too!) Gave me the same thrills I got when I first read Jamaica Inn. Terrific!
    Judy x

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      Thank you so much, Judy. I’m delighted that you and your mum both enjoyed Danger at Mellin Cove. Likening it to the wonderful Jamaica Inn is quite a compliment. It was great fun to write. The current pocket novel, Another Chance, has a Scottish setting and is quite different. Hope you enjoy it. x

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