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 Crashing waves and Cornish pasties, pretty coves and clotted cream, quaint fishing villages and succulent seafood – any of these would be a good enough reason to visit Cornwall.

But the county is so much more than that.  There’s a sadness about the bleak moors where men, women, and even children once toiled underground to make a meagre living in the old tin and copper mines. The stark images of the engine house chimneys are an ever-present reminder.

I adore Cornwall.

I love the old manor houses where the local gentry once lived, and the ruins of more humble dwellings out on the moors.

I love the standing stones, and the ancient burial sites.

I love the funny twisting lanes that criss-cross the county, baffling even the most hi-tech sat nav device.

… And every time I return I’m reminded of how much I love Winston Graham’s Poldark novels, and the wonderful TV series they spawned.

If you were as big a fan as I was then you’re in for a treat, because actor, Robin Ellis, who played Ross Poldark, has produced a third, greatly enhanced new edition of his Making Poldark paperback here.

It has lots more stories, and new pictures from Robin and Winston Graham’s own private family albums.

The book is an affectionate behind the scenes account of the production, starting with Robin’s memories of being interviewed for the part. It’s evident from the way he writes that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the making of Poldark.

The lovely house above is Godolphin, which dates back to the 15th century and was recently restored by the National Trust. It also featured as a Poldark home in the TV series.

Another location you might recognise is Charlestown Harbour. Scenes from films such as Treasure Island, The Eagle has Landed, and even an episode of Doctor Who have been shot here. Actually, you can buy the lot, complete with beaches, tall ships, and car park, if you have a spare £4.4m lying around that is.

If you don’t happen to love Cornwall then I hold my hands up to a completely self-indulgent post…but no one can deny the pictures are pretty!

And oh yes, I’ve sent another pocket novel off to My Weekly, so everything is crossed again.

Have a great week. xx

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  1. Thanks, Rena, for mentioning the revised version of Making Poldark.
    It’s 9000 words longer than the previous versions and Winston’s son, Andrew,
    gave Robin permission to use photos from Winston’s Poldark albums.

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      Hi Meredith, nice to see you here. I absolutely loved the updated version of Robin’s Making Poldark book. I hope it flies off the shelves – and thanks for supplying the extra details.

  2. I love Cornwall too and thoroughly enjoyed your post.
    I used to be lucky enough to have friends with a wonderful caravan in Falmouth and we used to tour all over – miss it so! Trevarno at Helston, St Ives, Porthleven, Truro – yum.
    Crossing everything for you and your pocket novel.
    All best,

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      Cornwall is sublime, Judy. Every time we visit I am reminded of all those iconic Poldark places. Winston Graham used so many memorable locations and place names for characters in his novels. I had a peek at your blog by the way, and I have to say that I think Falling for the Laird is a brilliant title for your Ebook. Good luck with that, Judy.

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  3. I so loved your post about Cornwall. I feel exactly the same. I am lucky to live just on the border of Devon and Cornwall and go to Cornwall whenever I can. I too have retraced the places where Poldark was filmed with my sister. I loved Poldark when it was on TV in the 70s never missing one episode and love it still. I have all the collection on DVD. Ross Poldark was and still is one of my crushes. Cannot wait to read Robin’s new book on Poldark. I started a Facebook page called I LOVE THE WESTCOUNTRY where I post my photos of Devon and Cornwall because I love my home County of Devon as I was born here and I have ancestors born and who lived in both Devon and Cornwall so a proper Westcountry lass am I – more than I realised:)))) Cornwall I love with an overwhelming passion. Its a very special place to me. In fact I am in Port Issac on Sunday for our 6th wedding anniversary. Ahhh Cornwallxxxx Good luck with all you do.

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      Oh, Vanessa, you’re a girl after my own heart. I love your passion for glorious Cornwall. It’s great to hear from someone who was also smitten enough by Poldark to seek out the places where the series was filmed. Have a wonderful anniversary celebration in Port Isaac on Sunday, and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. X

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