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In these times of ever decreasing markets for the short story writer it’s definitely worth having a look at the magazines’ letters and fillers pages.

OK, so there will be those out there who don’t consider it ‘proper writing’ (whatever that is) Writing is writing, and some of these letters are really creative.

It also gives you the chance to get your camera out. In most cases a photo to illustrate a letter or tip can double the payment.

And speaking of payments, some of them are very impressive. I’ve been having a thumb through some of the most popular magazines and the results are below.

If you’re still not convinced, check out Linda Lewis’s brilliant little Kindle book, How to Make £10 in Ten Minutes  – the best £1.53 I’ve ever spent.

When I’m in the mood I bash out half a dozen or so letters and tips and either take fresh photos to go with them, or slant the letters towards pictures I already have in my files. Almost always I get at least one of these published. I’ve had an MP3 player, boxed sets of TV dramas, fountain pen, brush and comb set – and lots of lovely little cheques.

Some people make a living out of the Letters Pages, practically every magazine and newspaper publishes one – although not all of them pay. It’s like all other writing. You have to research the market.

That’s Life:

Medical stories  – £250 Email: health@that’

Letter Box and Tips – £50 for Star Letter and Tightwads Tips with photo. £25 for others – Email: letterbox@that’  / tightwadtips@that’

Real Life Stories – Up to £2,000

Website  www.that’

All correspondence to – (That’s Life) FREEPOST LON 12043, H Bauer Publishing, London NW1 1YU

Take a Break:

Take a Break St – feel good photos of family and friends with story – £100 per item. Email:

Tips with photo – £60 / £30 for rest. Email:

Letters with photos – £100 for Star Letter / £75 for rest

Real Life Stories – Unspecified square deal amount.

All correspondence to – Take a Break FREEPOST

Full House:

Letters with photos – £50 / £25 without photos. Email:

Cute Kids Letter and Photo – £25. Email:

Top Tips with photos – £25

Real Life Stories – Up to £1,000

All correspondence to – FREEPOST Full House!

There now, I’ve started you off with a couple. Here’s hoping they inspire you to check out some others for yourself.

Good luck with it everybody. Rena x

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  1. Brilliant post Rena. You’re so right, I’ve only tried this once – a letter with a photo of my daughter wearing a skirt she had made out of an old tablecloth of ours. Bizarre I know but the skirt was great and the photo sweet. It was the easiest cash I’ve ever made and some of those payments are even better than for short stories in some magazines. I shall definitely be keeping your examples and having a go!

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  2. Hi Rena
    This is really interesting – as is the rest of your blog. (I’ve just been reading past posts). I haven’t tried fillers yet – writing short stories and getting to grips with my new blog is about all I can manage at the moment!

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      Thank you, Wendy. It’s really lovely to hear from you. Good luck with that new blog. I’ll certainly be dropping in. x

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      Aw, thank you, Suzanne. I hope this means you’re going to have another go? Even if your letter doesn’t get published, it’s still a lot of fun looking through the mags in hope every week. x

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