Will Crime Pay? I’m Hoping So.

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 I love crime novels. I love even more that the new look My Weekly Pocket Novels will include a thrilling Intrigue genre that’s right up my street. So, inspired by that, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to my submission.

Death Tide in Cornwall, features enigmatic Detective Inspector Sam Kitto and amateur sleuth magazine editor, Loveday Ross, who don’t always see eye to eye.

These two characters already feature in a long short story Captured in Cornwall, which is available on kindle here. I feel a series coming on.

So far I’ve only sent the First Three Chapters of ‘Death Tide’, plus Synopsis to Maggie Seed, but the rest is written, and just waiting for her to request it (fingers crossed) Wish me luck!

While I’m on the subject of pocket novels (when am I not?) huge congrats to the lovely Suzanne Jones, whose PN Trust in Me is now out there for sale. She writes under Suzanna Ross. I’ve only skimmed through it so far, but it looks like being a treat in store.

I’m not a sports fan and a few short weeks ago I had been viewing with dread the prospect of wall to wall athletics, show jumping, swimming, cycling – you get the picture.

Then I sat down with my family to watch that opening ceremony for London 2012 and, like the rest of the nation, was completely bowled over by the most amazing, inspirational show I’ve ever seen.

Since then, our fabulous athletes have had me on the edge of my seat cheering them on. The passion and commitment of these young people brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. I feel so very, very proud of all of them.

Did I say I wasn’t a sports fan? Scrub that. I’ve been converted. Rena x

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      Many thanks for the good luck wishes, Teresa, I’m sure it all helps. I’m feeling rather sad now that the Olympics have finished. I have to admit to a tear in the eye when the flame in that cauldron died. xx

  1. Hi Rena – many congrats on submitting Death Tide in Cornwall. I love the sound of your sleuths. I’ve also become a bit addicted to writing crime. My husband has started looking over his shoulder, and sniffing his tea suspiciously before he drinks it! I wish you every success with your submission, let us know how you get on…

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      Oh, your poor husband, Cara! Doesn’t he understand that all us crime writers need someone to practice on? Still, I hope he’s keeping a knife count on that cutlery drawer.
      Thanks for all your good wishes. I’ll keep you posted on ‘Death Tide’s’ progress. Absolutely loved ‘Safe Harbour’ by the way. Big thumbs up for that. xx

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      Thanks Flowerpot. I didn’t pinch Sam’s name from you, honest! But now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe it will bring me luck. xx

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