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Brilliant news over at My Weekly Pocket Novels!

A new four-a-month Easy Read brand is to be lauched in October, boosting opportunities for more sales. Here they are:


What: Sweet romance, thrilling emotional drama

Who: Active, attractive, gorgeous heroes; attractive, feisty, unique heroines

When: Modern settings and dilemmas; also historical romance

How: Get our couple together dealing with an issue they hold dear, and see the sparks fly Remember: Passion not pornography!


What: Thrilling, contemporary reads, for switched-on savvy women.

Who: Dangerously attractive, alpha men; passionate, real, modern women of any age

How: Storylines of temptation, desire, and modern dilemmas

When: Modern settings, today’s world

Please: Open door, and open-minded


What: There’s been a murder – now gather the clues to solve the crime

Who: Detectives, amateur sleuths, police officer


What: Enthralling, absorbing, spine-chilling reads, that explore the dark corridors of the human mind in gripping drama

Same 50,000 word length. Email manuscripts to

Sally Quilford and Womagwriter have been chatting to Maggie Seed and have much more detail over on their blogs.

I’m off to Pocket Novel land…there’s work to be done.

Good luck everybody.

Rena x


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      Yes, you’re right, Sally. What I really love about these new categories is the scope it gives us to do something different. Can’t wait to get started on my detective murder mystery. It’s also great that PF pocket novels are not changing. The gentle family-type dramas will be a nice foil for MW’s new racier stuff. Rena x

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