Romantic Guidelines, the RNA Weekend, and Some Country Stuff

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Loving this!!
For all those writers of romance out there, the lovely Cally Taylor has
posted her own very entertaining take on this year’s Romantic
Novelists’ Association Conference. It’s here. Enjoy!

Speaking of romance…I found this site, which lists lots of publishers of the
genre, plus their guidelines. Hope some of you find it useful.

And now for the country bit!!

This is Yorkshire’s wonderful Driffield Show. With almost 500 trade stands and
25,000 visitors, it’s the biggest one-day agricultural show in the
country. And unlike so many others –

                                                    IT WASN’T RAINED OFF!! 

I can only imagine the devastation, distress and disappointment that the cancellation of such a massive event would cause.  My heart goes out to everyone involved in organizing one of these shows – and all the disappointed visitors – who have suffered the effects of our unforgiving weather.

But, like the song says, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down,
and start all over again. I have no doubts that our fabulous country shows will be back again next year, bigger and better than ever

Take care, all. Rena x

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  1. Glad the weather was dry for the show – and love those pictures to start with! Summer has hit Cornwall wiht vengeance (and everywhere else by the sound of it) and I’m making the most of it!

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      Thanks Flowerpot. The show was brilliant, and the animals even better. I can just imagine how fabulous Cornwall must be looking now that summer has finally arrived. I’m just the teensiest bit jealous. Rena x

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