Location, Location, Location – and a new Pocket Novel

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Location matters…well it does to me. It’s where all my stories start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short story, a pocket novel or a crime novel, the setting has to be right before I can plunge in any further.

Once I’ve decided on the location then I have a think about the kind of people who might live there, what their lives might be like, what jobs they could do, what problems they need to solve.

Obviously lots more planning goes in after this…but it all starts with the place.

This picture of the very bonnie Gairloch inspired Highland Homecoming, a Pocket Novel I wrote with the People’s Friend in mind – and here’s the good news. A few days ago it was accepted, and will be published on October 4. So I am in a pretty happy place right now.

I thought you might also like to see a couple of my other favourite places. I hope you will find them as inspirational as I do.


Prepare to step back in time when you visit Lacock (above), a wonderfully atmospheric 13th century Cotswold village that’s featured in Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders, and Emma.The medieval cloisters of the nearby abbey were also used in recent Harry Potter films.

Soak up the vibes, and your new story could start right here!

Now I know this method or working will not suit all writers. Many will insist that characters should come first. Maybe they are right. Who knows? But my way works for me, and as the old saying goes – If it ain’t broke…

I’m throwing in this picture of Inverness, just because I can.

Enjoy… and happy writing everybody.

Rena x

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      Welcome to my blog, Susan, and thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, Gairloch is brilliant, isn’t it?
      But don’t worry, I’ll be boring everyone to death with reminders once publication date for Highland Homecoming (hope they keep that title) draws near. Rw

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  4. Hi Rena,
    I have a question about Pocket Novels: are they one book length story like Harlequin Romances or are they collections of short stories? They look very interesting!

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      Nell, Pocket Novels are complete 50,000 word stories published twice a month in the UK by DC Thomson magazines, People’s Friend and My Weekly. The money isn’t great – £300, but since you are selling only the First Cheap Paper Rights, your are free to sell the same story on to a large print publisher for a higher one-off fee. They are great fun to write (and I have just sold another one, so I’m in a pretty happy place right now) Rx

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