Murder! Mystery! and Medicals! – new My Weekly Pocket Novel Guidelines

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My Weekly Pocket Novels have taken an adventurous turn by introducing new Murder, Mystery, and Medical genres. These additions will not alter the flavour of our lovely books, says editor, Maggie Seed, which will still be thrilling quick reads, with great characters, drama and action

Here are the new guidelines:

Pocket novels are exciting, thrilling reads that sweep the reader away for adventures and intrigue, drama and romance! The focus is on the developing relationship between our two main characters, which of course will end in love, but how will they get there? That’s where the adventures and intrigue come in – we want you to excite and thrill, charm and alarm the reader, and have her (or him) gripped, unable to stop reading until the very last page.

DO: Create real characters the reader can believe in – they can have flaws.

DO: Have a plot – it can be thrilling or chilling, puzzling or alarming – that brings our heroine and hero together. They must have a murder or a mystery to solve, or something precious to save (a child, an inheritance – even their pride and independence) that keeps them communicating, and builds a relationship.

DO: Keep the tension building, paying particular attention to drama in every chapter ending. Let’s make the story a real page-turner for the reader.

DO: Set our pulses racing, BUT remember we want passion not pornography, (so no explicit descriptions of either physical details or intimate action).


PLOTTING: Keep the pace building and compel the reader to turn the page with cliff-hanging chapter endings.

PEOPLE: Characters are real people with real characteristics, dreams and hopes, virtues and failings. Make sure the villains get their come-uppance!

HOW: Get over the action and explain the plot through your characters talking and doing, rather than telling the reader (ratio: 60/40 talking/telling). Don’t tell the readers what to think!

WHO: Our heroines vary in age from their late teens to middle-age, and are compassionate and morally sound. They are modern in their relationships, thoughts, feelings and experiences.
The story is usually told from the woman’s point of view, although occasionally it is from the man’s.

NEW MEDICAL GENRE Novels with a Doctor theme are popular. Let’s embroil the readers in thrilling medical drama!

WHERE AND WHEN: Your novel can take place in interesting, exotic or dangerous locations around the world.
Pocket Novels can be set in any time era from the Second World War onwards.


WORDCOUNT – 50,000 words. Double quotes, single spaces only between full stop and next sentence.

SYNOPSIS – Please send a synopsis and the first three chapters via email. We will ask to see the rest of the novel if we are interested.

RATES – £300 for First British Serial Rights.

Please email to

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