Rejections and Silver Linings

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I’d like to say I take these things in my stride, and although I’m definitely learning to deal with the disappointment a bit better, it did put the kybosh on any ‘feel good’ plans I might have had.

(Any advice re dealing with rejections gratefully received)

The picture opposite has nothing to do with writing. My lovely granddaughters always cheer me up!

Anyway, as they say, every cloud… and all that. In my case the silver lining turned up in the shape of Linda Lewis’s new book, The Writer’s Treasury of Ideas. Having heard about it in womagwriter’s blog, I uploaded it onto my Kindle.

Let me tell you folks, it’s amazing! Packed full with ideas, hints and practical demonstrations, it has to be a welcome addition to the bookcase of any short story writer.

Linda has a column in Writers’ Forum every month and has produced other helpful little books. But I think this latest one is definitely the best.

Over the past 12 months I have been concentrating on Pocket Novels (I’ve written four) and forgot the pleasure of writing short stories.

Anyway, the upshot was that since reading Linda’s book I have written and subbed three new stories this week and re-written two more from my ‘drawer’ – that’s about ten I have out there now.

I also have another Pocket Novel awaiting a decision from People’s Friend, plus loads of other stuff in the pipeline. And the novel Maggie didn’t want will go off to find a new market.

So, watch this space…

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