The Long Wait

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   I was going to tell you about the wonderful week that himself and I have just had in the Scottish Highlands, hence the picture of lovely Inverness


   It was my intention to describe the fabulous sunny weather, the spectacular mountain scenery, the Clootie Well, where sick people tie strips of their clothing (cloots) to the surrounding trees in the hope that the place’s mystical powers will restore their health. (That will be a future post)


   But I’ve decided instead to have a whinge about the most pressing issue in my writing life at the moment – THE WAITING!

Somewhere out there, languishing on the assorted desks of editors all over the country (and further afield) are two of my Pocket Novels, one partial Serial, one Mills and Boon romance, and four short stories.

Some have been out there for weeks, others for months. Now I’m as patient as the next person (hmm…well…maybe not that patient) but I desperately need to know now what’s going on.

On good days I tell myself that a delayed response is good, that the commissioning editor likes my work enough to pass it round the office for further opinion.

But then there are the bad times, like now, when I worry that my stuff has been lost in the slush pile, deleted by accident, or the response has been lost in the post.

These are no idle imaginings, folks,  all of these things have happened to me.

So how long should an anxious writer wait before querying?

A rejection might send my spirits plummeting and turn my face inside out for the rest of the day, but at least I’d be put out of my misery… 






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