Secrets Of Mellin Cove


After Wenna discovers a shocking family secret she flies to the comfort of her beloved Cornish moors praying for guidance.

What can she do?

If she reveals the terrible truth her family will be ruined. If she does nothing she could be condemning the crew of the Southern Star to the mercy of those who have no mercy.

Perhaps she should confide in the tall stranger who rides past her every day? He casts enough glances in her direction as she sits sketching amongst the standing stones.

But would he understand? Or would he go straight to the authorities?
…Could she trust a stranger?

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Stories of romance and adventure set against a background of sweeping seascapes, secret coves and towering granite cliffs.

It’s the 1760s and times are turbulent in wild and beautiful Cornwall.
Smuggling and wrecking is rife and the fishing families of Mellin Cove are struggling to survive.

Strangers in their midst constantly herald danger. How much longer can the St Neots of Mellin Hall protect their people from the menace of those who seek to harm them?