Mistress Of Mellin Cove


High on the cliffs above Mellin Cove, Kit St Neot reins in his black stallion, peers into the storm, and gasps at the tall-masted ship being torn apart by furious seas.

Galloping down, he rescues a half-dead creature from the waves, not realising that she is a beautiful girl – a girl with no memory.

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Stories of romance and adventure set against a background of sweeping seascapes, secret coves and towering granite cliffs.

It’s the 1760s and times are turbulent in wild and beautiful Cornwall.

Smuggling and wrecking is rife and the fishing families of Mellin Cove are struggling to survive. Strangers in their midst constantly herald danger.

How much longer can the St Neots of Mellin Hall protect their people from the menace of those who seek to harm them?