Poldark Series Two – Get Ready!

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HE’S BACK! Poldark fans prepare to book your place on the sofa in front of the TV. Our favourite Cornish heart throb, Captain Ross Poldark, is getting ready to saddle up and gallop across those Cornish moors again, his dark curls streaking out behind as a ship in full sail battles with the tossing sea in the background. OK, that was a spot of dramatic license, but you get the picture. The important news is Series Two of the BBC’s …

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Life After Poldark and Two FREE Books

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To mark the end of Poldark (and my epic 8-weekly reviews) I’ve organised free downloads of my two Mellin Cove novels. Danger at Mellin Cove A 30,000 novella – and my very first book. The following quotes are from some of the lovely Amazon reviews it has received. * “Enjoyed every page.” * “Full of suspense.” * “Characters and descriptions of the scenery left an impression in my mind long after I finished reading it.” *  “Atmospheric tale of love, …

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Poldark Review Episode Seven

Rena George Cornwall, Poldark 2 Comments

At last some meat on the bones. The best episode yet! This series has blown hot and cold over the past seven weeks, and there have been many times when, for me, the action dragged, but this wasn’t one of them. The plot took off a breakneck speed – and just kept going. Ross’s boyhood friend, Mark Daniel, finally gives in to his rage at flighty wife, Keren’s betrayal of him with the handsome Dr Dwight Enys – and although …

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Poldark Review Episode Six

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Big news of the week was the Beeb signing Ross and Demelza – Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson – for a new series. Phew! Now we can all heave a sigh of relief, and Aidan can get on with renewing that gym membership. The new Poldark has been with us for only six short weeks, and already it feels like forever. Seeing the enigmatic Ross riding across the windswept Cornish cliffs, treacle-coloured curls and coat tails flying, has become a …

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Poldark Review Episode Five

Rena George Cornwall, Poldark 4 Comments

There’s a new addition to Ross and Demelza’s family this week with the birth of baby Julia. Once again her bullying father turns up to spoil things at the Christening. I keep waiting for the explosive scenes I remember from the original series, but they don’t happen. I’m a little disappointed about this. It’s not a great idea to sacrifice drama and entertainment for the sake of sticking rigidly to the book. Don’t get me wrong, Winston Graham’s novels are …

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Poldark Review – Episode Four

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There was a bit of Poldark bashing on Facebook last week, mainly criticising the lack of romantic build up between Ross and Demelza before their wedding, but in the books there was no great romance at that stage in the story. Ross had his wicked way with his kitchen maid, and he married her because he felt it was the right thing to do. When asked if he loves her, he says ‘we get on’. The earlier series indulged in …

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Back Where It All Began

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You might just have noticed that I am totally in love with Poldark. It was the original TV series with the wonderful Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees that inspired my passion for Cornwall. So when I began writing fiction about five  years ago, there was no question of where my novels would be set. It had to be beautiful Cornwall. The mine scenes in the new Poldark series are set around the Botallack area. If you go there on your …

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Poldark Review – Episode Three

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Well it was all happening in Episode Three, wasn’t it? Firstly, Ross became local hero when he re-opened the family mine, Wheal Leisure, providing jobs for all. …And then Elizabeth and Francis’s baby son was born. …And then Ross and Demelza got up close and personal. …And now they are married! WOW! …And, as it all that wasn’t enough, we had the pleasure of seeing the first Captain Poldark, Robin Ellis, in the same scene as our Aidan (Turner). For my …

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Poldark Review – Episode Two

Rena George Cornwall, Poldark 11 Comments

Demelza, the scruffy young urchin Ross rescued, is now an accepted member of the Nampara household, even though tongues are wagging about the proprieties of the situation. Elsewhere mines are closing and Ross sees the chance of resurrecting the Poldark fortunes and providing work for local workers by raising cash to re-open his mine. When Poldark hit our TV screens last Sunday we all loved it – well most of us did. Some purists are still chuntering about the accents, …

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#poldarkmagic – 10 Days and Counting …

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The premier of the first episode of the BBC’s new adaptation of Poldark had its press preview in Truro last night, and by all accounts… IT’S A BODICE RIPPER!! Now, as possibly one of the biggest Poldark fans of all time, I have been more than a little concerned that the newcomers might not do the great Winston Graham novels justice. But after watching the interviews with the main cast members, I’m beginning to breath more easily. The endearing thing …

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