Another great DI Andy Horton read!

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Just dropping by briefly to leave a review of a book by one of my favourite authors. If you enjoy crime thrillers, you will love this. Lethal Waves by Pauline Rowson Every new DI Andy Horton book is cause for celebration in my house. I love police procedurals, and this series is one of the best. The sudden death of a woman on the Portsmouth to Guernsey ferry, closely followed by the shooting of a vagrant on the beach near …

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Dangerous Cargo Review

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My Latest Read – Dangerous Cargo by Pauline Rowson Genre; Crime Thriller The body of a man washes up on the Isle of Wight and starts alarm bells ringing in the hierarchy of marine intelligence. As far as they knew, this man had died 50 years ago. So what was going on? Anxious to discover the truth, the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) get former Royal Marine Commando, Art Marvik, to investigate. Marvik’s investigations catapult him into a trail of …

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Fancy hanging around with a sexy, rugged detective?

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This post is a complete indulgence for me. I mean, how hard could it be for an author to write about a fictional character she loves – even if it isn’t one she created herself? This is how I feel about Pauline Rowson’s brilliant DI Andy Horton. Life has damaged him, and he’s been dealt more than a few rough and unfair blows, not least from the snooty ex-wife, Catherine. Andy is a tough cop with a deeply ingrained sense …

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 I’ve just had an idea…

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Where do ideas come from? It’s the question writers are most frequently asked – and probably the one that’s hardest to answer. Ideas come from everywhere…and nowhere. How do you explain that? They are like thistledown, Will o’ the Wisps drifting on the wind, and sometimes they can fall apart in your fingers if you attempt to reach out to capture them. Ideas can emerge from daydreaming, or materialise from nowhere when you’re bored. They are all around us, in …

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Finding the Right Name

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This lovely image of sunrise over Edinburgh’s Old Town has absolutely nothing to do with the following post. It just makes me feel good. I know it sounds ridiculous to suggest that finding the right title for a novel / short story can often be more trouble than writing the whole thing, but if you’re me, it can feel like that at times. It’s just one more skill for writers to master. (Even if it does get changed once an …

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