Colour Your Stress Away

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Stress…stress…stress! We all suffer from it, and while we’re worrying about the things we should be doing, and fretting because we never seem able to get round to it everything – the blood pressure keeps climbing. Well stop! I’ve found the answer. At least it’s working for me, and it isn’t meditation or practising mindfulness. The activity that helps to lock my stress away in its box is colouring. Adult colouring books. I love them. The shelves in the bookshops …

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Eight Top Tips To Stay Organised!

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This is a ‘list’ post. You may have noticed I love my lists. There’s my ‘to do’ list, which I jot down daily and systematically work through. Everything doesn’t always get done, and the things that don’t are simply put on the next day’s list. There’s my characters’ list – one that’s always on the go, and constantly being added to when I’m writing. And then there is the list of things I need to research, and the list of …

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A Writers’ Club’s Ghostly Success!

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I recently had the pleasure of being in invited to judge a writers’ club ghost story competition. The quality of the submitted stories was heart-warming. The effort and sheer hard work that so obviously went into every single entry just shone through. I’m a big supporter of writing groups. They provide the opportunity to meet like-minded people and share support and encouragement with each other. Plus…you can have your work critiqued by fellow members. And if you’re lucky, someone brings cake. …

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Writing Historical Fiction

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I hadn’t intended writing a blog post on historical fiction this week, but these pictures, which I took in a 17th century coaching inn a day ago, seemed to lend themselves to it. Old places – I mean really old places – draw me like a moth to the flame. I have a fascination for the past and for how people used to live, which is why I set my Mellin Cove series in 18th century Cornwall. The pub in …

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Getting Your Head Around the Wordcount

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I was planning to write a post today about wordcounts, and how some authors can manage a colossal output. For instance, best selling crime writer, Kerry Wilkinson, produces FOUR of his phenomenally successful DI Jessica Daniel books a year. (I don’t think he sleeps) But the prolific Val McDermid is comfortable with just one of her blockbusting novels a year. (This is her recent interview with Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Check it out. It’s brilliant!) Now I love writing …

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How NOT to turn a short story into a novel

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Time is something we never have enough of, but for writers those precious hours seem squeezed even more. We have families to look after, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring children to their various out of school activities. Those of us who are grandparents often have child minding duties…and then there is the odd holiday to squeeze in, catching up with friends. Did I mention a full time job? Oh yes, and then there’s the writing…and the blogging…and the Facebook…and the Twitter…AND THE …

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Make Writing Easy

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I’m passionate about writing and like most authors, when given a day with nothing to do but write, it feels like a little slice of heaven. Sadly, when the real world insists on making so many demands on our time the business of writing can often feel like a luxury. So when something comes along that makes a writing day more productive and efficient, I’ll grab it with both hands. The writing tool that helps me most is my iPad. …

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What’s So Great About Being An Indie Author?

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Until this week I’d been happy to self publish all my books exclusively on Amazon. And why not? It takes them into enough global markets to make me dizzy. I knew there were other stores out there where authors could market their eBooks, but I avoided them because the process just seemed too complicated and confusing. No more! For this week I made a special effort and got to grips with Kobo. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to …

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Turning A Short Story Into A Novel

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It’s a while since I penned a writing post so I thought you might like to hear about my current project. It’s a bit different from what I’m used to,  not the content of the WIP, just the fact that I have never done anything like this before. You see I’m re-writing one of my Cornish crime long short stories, and turning it into a novel. And it’s been much easier than I had imagined. The first draft is finished …

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When the Writing Hits a Brick Wall

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I have discovered something about myself over recent weeks. I’ve discovered I’m not a jump in and just get on with it kind of author. I don’t know why this came as such a surprise. Everything else I have ever written has been properly planned out – except for those news stories in the old days when I was a newspaper reporter and had to dictate back fast-moving events on the spot. In a previous post I may just have …

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