There’s Been A Murder!

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I am so excited to be sharing the new covers for my Loveday cozy mysteries series. I’d love to know what you think of them. Crime fiction is rapidly becoming the most popular genre for readers, and cozy mysteries have enjoyed a huge share of that. Readers can connect with all the twists and turns of an intriguing plot in a story of murder and deceit – without the blood and gore. They are fast moving, exciting stories, packed with …

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Goodbye Poldark!

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Poldark has come to an end. We left Ross and Demelza sharing a passionate embrace as a spectacular expanse of ocean glinted in the background. These weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for viewers of the BBC series as our charismatic couple were plunged into one disastrous event after another. And now we must all wait until next year to discover what happens next. The end of the current ten week series reminded me that I have not posted on …

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The Yorkshire Floods

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The misery of flooding has spread to the north of England – in particular Yorkshire – and in the cruellest way. My own family – daughter, son-in-law, our three little grandchildren and their Nana – all spent a sleepless night last night as the flooded River Foss crept closer to their home. It’s only feet away from their front door now and expected to rise even further over the next 24 hours. Furniture and electrical goods have been moved to …

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Make Your Dreams Come True

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Many gifts still to wrap, cards still to write, food to buy, drinks to organise, phone calls to make, cupboards to tidy, floors to wash – and a chapter of the book to write! Isn’t Christmas wonderful? I’m not normally so disorganised, but this year, with so much to do, I’ve definitely been struggling. Next year things will be different! Step up my new best friend, the Erin Condren LifePlanner. This little beauty will keep me on …

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I’m Having a Little Rant – Well, Quite a big One, Really.

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I was intending to put up a writerly post today about the progress of my new novel, but instead I’m going to have a rant. The reason being that I caught the tail end of an item in a TV consumer programme where an ‘expert’ was explaining that cooked ham could be seriously contaminated simply by coming in contact with someone’s hands.   She was talking about some kind of chemical reaction that sets up between the germs on your …

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Tools of the Trade

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I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful all singing, all dancing Apple iMac desktop computer. I also have a laptop, and a dinky little iPad. A touch over-indulgent you might think – and you may be right, but I adore each of these machines and use each one in a different, inter-connecting way. It means I can work at my desk, or downstairs on the laptop. And if we go away for the weekend, with my iPad tucked into my …

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A Brand New Start

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I’m feeling writerly euphoric this week (if more than a little shattered) because over the past couple of months I’ve … * Set up this new website / blog. I’m still finding my way around it, but I’m getting there. * Edited/ proof read all my Kindle books to within an inch of their lives and republished them.  I still can’t quite believe I have EIGHT up there now – TEN items including my new Book Bundles. It’s a sad …

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A Haggis for Burns Night

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If you thought that Haggis was just a Scottish mealy pudding, served up with neeps ‘n tatties at  Burns Suppers…well, folks, meet Haggis Scoticus! Here he is in all his hairy glory, and fresh from running wild in the Highland glens. Not too many people have seen the real thing. I’m only letting you into this closely-guarded secret because tonight (January 25th) is Burns Night – and people the world over will be gathering to celebrate the Bard’s 254th birthday. …

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – And Another Pocket Novel!

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       This is Bridlington from the clifftop on a sparkly, frosty Yorkshire morning. I love Christmas, but it doesn’t half take its toll on the writing. There are  puddings to make, shopping to be done, decorations to put up, pantomimes to attend, menus to plan, cupboards to tidy….you get my drift? The upshot being that the writing schedule has taken a tumble. My current WIP – a pocket novel for The People’s Friend – is half written. The plan was …

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People’s Friend Editors’ Interview

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  There’s an interview here with The People’s Friend features’ editor, Alex Corlett, and fiction editor, Shirley Blair. I was especially delighted to find this, as Alex was the first person I ever worked with at the ‘friend’. It was down to his patience and guidance that I got my first short story, Coming Home, published. You can read it here. Interesting to note in the interview that the magazine often plans seasonal features and stories – and has them …

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