Memories of a TV Detective

Rena George Scotland, TV Detectives 3 Comments

I have wanted to visit this village since it appeared in a scene from Case Histories. Remember that wonderful BBC crime series featuring Kate Atkinson’s Edinburgh detective Jackson Brodie? I became a crime writer because I love great detective stories, mysteries and thrillers, and Kate’s books are amongst the best.   …But back to South Queensferry. The little houses were still there in their elevated position above the cobbled street just as they were in Case Histories – and the …

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Auld Reekie or Dear Green Place?

Rena George Days Out, Scotland 4 Comments

Just back from a wonderful few days in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity of comparing the two cities before, at least not from immediate first hand experience. And the thing I’ve learned is that there is no comparison. It would be like making a judgement between Taggart and Rebus. See what I mean? Impossible! Only 40 miles may separate the two cities, but they’re worlds apart in everything that makes them what they are. …

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Highland Magic – And Another Free Holiday Weekend Read

Rena George Scotland, Scottish Romance 4 Comments

Still feeling in the zone after a wonderful week in Scotland. We were all spoiled silly at our favourite hotel in Inverness. I thought you might like to share a few of the sights we saw in and around the Highland capital. Here they are – The Clava Cairns, just outside Inverness, is a moody, atmospheric prehistoric cemetery built between three and four thousands years ago. No one knows exactly when. Set in the heart of woodland, the sacred site …

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Happy Haggis Eating!

Rena George Cutty Sark, Scotland 2 Comments

It’s Burns Night! Happy haggis eating, whisky sipping and partaking of the delicacies of neeps ‘n’ tatties. It’s that time again for all Scots (and everyone else) to celebrate the birth date of our most famous son, Robert Burns. Haggis has been a national dish in Scotland for hundreds of years, so criticise it at you peril – as I found out in a previous post to celebrate Burns Night, when I put up this great picture of a haggis, …

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Rena George Scotland 6 Comments

After so many distractions over recent weeks, the pressure is on to finish my current WIP, which is the next in my Loveday Ross Cornish Mysteries Series. Well, that’s my excuse for being somewhat neglectful of this blog, and for not having prepared any new writerly post this week. Instead, I’m going to tell you a bit about what’s been going on in my world. Our film director son, Craig, is currently working on a new Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, …

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Life Aboard a Royal Yacht

Rena George Days Out, Scotland 8 Comments

If you have ever wondered what The Queen’s bedroom looked like, then wonder no more. For here it is in all its glory – and it’s titchy. But then it’s not exactly a bedroom, more a luxurious cabin on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for some time. I took them on a recent visit to the yacht, which is now a tourist attraction, berthed at Ocean Terminal, Leith, just outside Edinburgh. It is …

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A Highland Fling

Rena George Scotland 12 Comments

Apologies for missing my last two Friday blog postings. Did you notice? No? Oh… Well the reason for the non-appearance is in the photo below – the River Ness in all her glory, with our hotel on the far bank. If I was more technically skilled, like so many of you out there, I would have been able to send blog posts from the Scottish Highlands, and flick pictures across to my Facebook status. For instance, I would have posted …

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In Celebration of Robert Burns

Rena George Scotland 6 Comments

It’s Scotland, the date 1759… Picture a freezing cold late January night in wintery Ayrshire, perhaps with snow swirling around the door of the low clay-built cottage above. Candles flicker around the tiny kitchen as Agnes Burnes, in the later stages of childbirth, takes to her bed in the dark recess. It is here that her, and husband William’s, firstborn son, Robert, comes into the world. William is a market gardener, Agnes a dutiful wife. They live simply off the …

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Scotland’s Great New Year!

Rena George Hogmanay, Homecoming Scotland 2014, Scotland 4 Comments

Goodbye 2013…. Greetings 2014. Happy New Year!! A new year … a new beginning … another chance to do it all better!! As a Scot now living in Yorkshire there’s always a pang of nostalgia for me as the bells chime out the old year and welcome in the new. But never more than this year. They’re calling it Homecoming Scotland 2014, And last night the midnight hour put Scotland on the cusp of what promises to be one of …

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A Bit of Spit and Polish

Rena George Scotland 2 Comments

Every Saturday morning between 6.30 and 8am I indulge my Scottishness by listening to the marvellous ‘Out of Doors’ programme on Radio Scotland. It’s basically a celebration of all the outdoorsy things people can do in the countryside, mountains, the Highlands and Islands, and around the rugged coastline. One of my favourite places – The mountains of Skye from Redpoint The producers are currently running a feature encouraging listeners to send in memories of their favourite places and this week …

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