Writing Historical Fiction

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I hadn’t intended writing a blog post on historical fiction this week, but these pictures, which I took in a 17th century coaching inn a day ago, seemed to lend themselves to it. Old places – I mean really old places – draw me like a moth to the flame. I have a fascination for the past and for how people used to live, which is why I set my Mellin Cove series in 18th century Cornwall. The pub in …

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How To Write A Scary Ghost Story

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Ghosts, ghouls and scary monsters that roam about in the night! It’s that time of year again when witches and warlocks engage in wicked practices, and the souls of the dead are set free to wander. Eeeeek! Have I scared you? For us writers it’s the time we all wish we had written that ghost story six months ago,  and were now reaping the rewards of our efforts in the pages of some glossy magazine. Never mind, there’s always next …

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Can You Bake a Cornish Pasty? You Can Now…

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  They have a saying in Cornwall that a good diet is having a Cornish pasty in both hands. And when they’re as tasty as the one above then who would disagree? In the interest of research, over many years of visiting Cornwall, I’ve eaten a lot of pasties. Well…you have to, don’t you? Anyway, after all this dedicated tasting business I can report that the bestest EVER pasty comes from Ann’s Pasty Bakehouse (like the one above did)  on …

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Why do we love reading fiction?

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  It’s a no brainer. The stories in books can transport us into another life – a life that is more glamorous, thrilling, romantic and dangerous – more frightening, even than the real lives we all live. …And don’t we love it! In books we can visit exciting places; follow our characters into danger without the slightest fear of putting ourselves at risk. We can be romanced or shocked, terrified or intrigued, outraged or amused. We can be anything we …

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Welcome to My New Look Blog

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I’m back! And with a great sigh of relief (from me) my blog is up and running again. Yay! I hope you will agree that it’s much cleaner, easier to read, and generally just looks a lot better than before. Being metamorphosed isn’t easy folks and if anyone tries to fool you into believing that such a change around it’s painless, well…just don’t believe them. We’ve suffered all kinds of angst about what to put in here and what to …

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Getting Your Head Around the Wordcount

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I was planning to write a post today about wordcounts, and how some authors can manage a colossal output. For instance, best selling crime writer, Kerry Wilkinson, produces FOUR of his phenomenally successful DI Jessica Daniel books a year. (I don’t think he sleeps) But the prolific Val McDermid is comfortable with just one of her blockbusting novels a year. (This is her recent interview with Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Check it out. It’s brilliant!) Now I love writing …

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Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition – The Shortlist

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Six of the Best! If you’re a fan of crime fiction, short stories and great, exciting new authors, then you are in for a treat here. I’m delighted to introduce you to the finalists in the Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition. Six brilliant tales, each of them different, each of them excellent. They have been chosen from more than a hundred entries and you can read them all on the link above. Voting closes on August 21, so there’s still …

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Recent Great Read – And Justice There Is None by Deborah Crombie

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Recently read – And Justice There is None by Deborah Crombie Genre: Crime – Police Procedural I’m a fan of Deborah Crombie and have read most of the books in her Gemma James / Duncan Kincaid crime series, but somehow I missed this one. It was a treat to find. Dawn Attwood, the pregnant, beautiful wife of wealthy London antiques dealer, Karl, is slain in the drive of their fashionable Notting Hill home. Suspicion falls on her husband, or could …

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How NOT to turn a short story into a novel

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Time is something we never have enough of, but for writers those precious hours seem squeezed even more. We have families to look after, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring children to their various out of school activities. Those of us who are grandparents often have child minding duties…and then there is the odd holiday to squeeze in, catching up with friends. Did I mention a full time job? Oh yes, and then there’s the writing…and the blogging…and the Facebook…and the Twitter…AND THE …

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Fancy hanging around with a sexy, rugged detective?

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This post is a complete indulgence for me. I mean, how hard could it be for an author to write about a fictional character she loves – even if it isn’t one she created herself? This is how I feel about Pauline Rowson’s brilliant DI Andy Horton. Life has damaged him, and he’s been dealt more than a few rough and unfair blows, not least from the snooty ex-wife, Catherine. Andy is a tough cop with a deeply ingrained sense …

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