Editing nightmares…and a wee disappointment!

Rena George Editing your work 3 Comments

 I hate editing. I detest having to do that second draft…third…fourth, and so on. All the really creative stuff goes into the first time the words hit the page. For me, it’s when my characters come alive and the plot unfolds. Re-drafts are the crafting bits where the writer moulds and sculpts her/his work. Scenes come and go. Tired phrases are discarded, to be replaced with snappier, more inspired ones. It’s the professional part of writing that turns a good …

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An Award and Another Pocket Novel

Rena George Awards, Pocket Novels 8 Comments

  Editors’ decisions are like buses, you wait and wait for a number 57, and then, just when you’ve given up hope, a whole string of them turn up. This is my way of sharing my wonderful news that… I’VE SOLD ANOTHER POCKET NOVEL TO PEOPLE’S FRIEND!! I know. I can hardly believe it either. The latest one ‘Trust in Me’ will be published on December 13. Two ‘pockets’ accepted in the course of a week. Now, I’m not boasting! …

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Location, Location, Location – and a new Pocket Novel

Rena George Highland Homecoming, Pocket Novels 12 Comments

Location matters…well it does to me. It’s where all my stories start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short story, a pocket novel or a crime novel, the setting has to be right before I can plunge in any further. Once I’ve decided on the location then I have a think about the kind of people who might live there, what their lives might be like, what jobs they could do, what problems they need to solve. Obviously lots more …

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How to Write 10,000 Words a Day…(I wish)

Rena George Word counts 11 Comments

 How many words can you write in a day – 2,000w, 5,000w, 10,000w? I suppose most of us are in the 1,000w to 2,000w bracket. And if you can achieve this, day in day out, then that’s not a bad result…unless, of course, there’s a way of doing better. Chrissie Loveday, a writer I really admire, revealed in a recent comment on The Pocketeers blog that she could, on a good day, achieve 5,000 words. And Sally Quilford, one of …

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Murder! Mystery! and Medicals! – new My Weekly Pocket Novel Guidelines

Rena George Pocket Novels 0 Comments

My Weekly Pocket Novels have taken an adventurous turn by introducing new Murder, Mystery, and Medical genres. These additions will not alter the flavour of our lovely books, says editor, Maggie Seed, which will still be thrilling quick reads, with great characters, drama and action Here are the new guidelines: Pocket novels are exciting, thrilling reads that sweep the reader away for adventures and intrigue, drama and romance! The focus is on the developing relationship between our two main characters, …

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Public Lending Right Petition

Rena George Public Lending Rights 0 Comments

 The future of an important source of income for writers is in danger. The Public Lending Right scheme collects money from public libraries for each loan of a book. Authors who register receive a few pence per loan in a lump sum, annually.  This is not a ‘hand-out’.  The Public Lending Right Act was set up by the government over thirty years ago to establish a more fair system of remuneration for writers whose books are borrowed from public libraries. …

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Short Story Markets

Rena George Short Story Markets 8 Comments

I’ve found a new market for my short stories – well, new to me, but I suspect many of you are already familiar with the US magazine Woman’s World. Remuneration is good if you can write to their very specific requirements. I definitely intend to have a go at it. You might want to have a look at Kate Willoughby’s blog here She reviews a story each week, breaking down the content and examining exactly why the story was chosen. She says, …

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Rejections and Silver Linings

Rena George Rejections 0 Comments

I’d like to say I take these things in my stride, and although I’m definitely learning to deal with the disappointment a bit better, it did put the kybosh on any ‘feel good’ plans I might have had. (Any advice re dealing with rejections gratefully received) The picture opposite has nothing to do with writing. My lovely granddaughters always cheer me up! Anyway, as they say, every cloud… and all that. In my case the silver lining turned up in …

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A Bit of Spit and Polish

Rena George Scotland 2 Comments

Every Saturday morning between 6.30 and 8am I indulge my Scottishness by listening to the marvellous ‘Out of Doors’ programme on Radio Scotland. It’s basically a celebration of all the outdoorsy things people can do in the countryside, mountains, the Highlands and Islands, and around the rugged coastline. One of my favourite places – The mountains of Skye from Redpoint The producers are currently running a feature encouraging listeners to send in memories of their favourite places and this week …

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The Long Wait

Rena George Scotland 0 Comments

     I was going to tell you about the wonderful week that himself and I have just had in the Scottish Highlands, hence the picture of lovely Inverness       It was my intention to describe the fabulous sunny weather, the spectacular mountain scenery, the Clootie Well, where sick people tie strips of their clothing (cloots) to the surrounding trees in the hope that the place’s mystical powers will restore their health. (That will be a future post)    …

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