Danger At Mellin Cove


In Cornwall a dangerous world of passions and intrigue awaits Hedra St Neot when she agrees to help brother Kit run the wild and beautiful estate at Mellin Cove.

But will she stay to help handsome fisherman, Jem Pentreath, protect the local community from her rogue uncle’s band of cutthroat smugglers?

…Or will she marry, Sir Edward Tremaine, the rich mine owner who is besotted with her?

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Stories of romance and adventure set against a background of sweeping seascapes, secret coves and towering granite cliffs.

It’s the 1760s and times are turbulent in wild and beautiful Cornwall.

Smuggling and wrecking is rife and the fishing families of Mellin Cove are struggling to survive. Strangers in their midst constantly herald danger.

How much longer can the St Neots of Mellin Hall protect their people from the menace of those who seek to harm them?