The Birth of a New Pocket Novel

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 I’ve just started a new People’s Friend pocket novel. I love this early part of the process, where you wander through a make-believe world of your own creation watching the characters come to life. It’s here, where the settings grow vibrant and the developing plot going on in your head makes you tingle with excitement, that every new novel is born…well conceived at least, for it has a long way to go before it’s ready to show its face to …

The People’s Friend Pocket Novels

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 I’m absolutely delighted to share my news that my People’s Friend Pocket Novel, Another Chance is now in the shops.   And here it is … I’m especially pleased that it’s been published in the same week as the magazine launched it’s new revamped look. There are 16 extra pages, which means more space for features and fiction. The magazine guarantees to publish seven short stories – two more than before – and the usual two serials every week. There’s a …

Pocket Novels and Light Bulb Moments!

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While driving to York the other day to meet a friend for lunch in our favourite restaurant, I had a light bulb moment. But I’m not sure I’m happy about it. You see, what came to me in this blinding flash was the realisation that the My Weekly Pocket Novel I have just finished is actually TWO pocket novels. I was aiming for a psychological thriller for one of MW’s new Easy Read genres. That bit seemed OK. All the …

Will Crime Pay? I’m Hoping So.

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 I love crime novels. I love even more that the new look My Weekly Pocket Novels will include a thrilling Intrigue genre that’s right up my street. So, inspired by that, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to my submission. Death Tide in Cornwall, features enigmatic Detective Inspector Sam Kitto and amateur sleuth magazine editor, Loveday Ross, who don’t always see eye to eye. These two characters already feature in a long short story Captured in Cornwall, which is …

All Change at My Weekly Pocket Novels

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  Brilliant news over at My Weekly Pocket Novels! A new four-a-month Easy Read brand is to be lauched in October, boosting opportunities for more sales. Here they are: Caress What: Sweet romance, thrilling emotional drama Who: Active, attractive, gorgeous heroes; attractive, feisty, unique heroines When: Modern settings and dilemmas; also historical romance How: Get our couple together dealing with an issue they hold dear, and see the sparks fly Remember: Passion not pornography! Liason What: Thrilling, contemporary reads, for …

A Thousand Free Downloads and a Sense of Place

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Well almost 1,000! It was actually a colossal 989 who supported my recent Danger in Mellin Cove kindle promotion. And I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone, particularly all the lovely people (you now who you are) who tweeted and retweeted it. Keeping fingers crossed now that some of you will find the time to review it. I was so made up at this success that I kindled another little book, Captured in Cornwall. It’s actually an …

It’s Back!!

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I’m happy to tell you that the free download of Danger at Mellin Cove is now available again here until Friday, July 20. To those who tried to download it, but couldn’t, thank you for your patience. Please do try again. Rena xx

A free pocket novel, a romantic conference, and some scary stuff

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 I’m delighted to tell you that my Kindle book, Danger at Mellin Cove, which started life as a My Weeky Pocket Novel, is free to download here from Amazon for the next five days from Sunday July 15 – 19th. It’s the first time I’ve done this so I don’t know what to expect, but here’s a little taster to hopefully encourage you to click that mouse. “In Cornwall a dangerous world of passions and intrigue awaits Hedra St Neot …

An Award and Another Pocket Novel

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  Editors’ decisions are like buses, you wait and wait for a number 57, and then, just when you’ve given up hope, a whole string of them turn up. This is my way of sharing my wonderful news that… I’VE SOLD ANOTHER POCKET NOVEL TO PEOPLE’S FRIEND!! I know. I can hardly believe it either. The latest one ‘Trust in Me’ will be published on December 13. Two ‘pockets’ accepted in the course of a week. Now, I’m not boasting! …

Location, Location, Location – and a new Pocket Novel

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Location matters…well it does to me. It’s where all my stories start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short story, a pocket novel or a crime novel, the setting has to be right before I can plunge in any further. Once I’ve decided on the location then I have a think about the kind of people who might live there, what their lives might be like, what jobs they could do, what problems they need to solve. Obviously lots more …