Tools of the Trade

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I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful all singing, all dancing Apple iMac desktop computer. I also have a laptop, and a dinky little iPad. A touch over-indulgent you might think – and you may be right, but I adore each of these machines and use each one in a different, inter-connecting way. It means I can work at my desk, or downstairs on the laptop. And if we go away for the weekend, with my iPad tucked into my …

A Brand New Start

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I’m feeling writerly euphoric this week (if more than a little shattered) because over the past couple of months I’ve … * Set up this new website / blog. I’m still finding my way around it, but I’m getting there. * Edited/ proof read all my Kindle books to within an inch of their lives and republished them.  I still can’t quite believe I have EIGHT up there now – TEN items including my new Book Bundles. It’s a sad …

Welcome to My New Website

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Welcome, everyone, to my new Website and Blog.   I seem to have been away from the blogosphere for ages, but I haven’t been idle. FIVE of my books are now up on Kindle – and another THREE are almost ready to go. All of them have lovely new covers, which I’m really excited about. Do please have a nose around the site; I’d love to know what you think of it.   I’m still finding my way around at …

A Haggis for Burns Night

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If you thought that Haggis was just a Scottish mealy pudding, served up with neeps ‘n tatties at  Burns Suppers…well, folks, meet Haggis Scoticus! Here he is in all his hairy glory, and fresh from running wild in the Highland glens. Not too many people have seen the real thing. I’m only letting you into this closely-guarded secret because tonight (January 25th) is Burns Night – and people the world over will be gathering to celebrate the Bard’s 254th birthday. …

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – And Another Pocket Novel!

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       This is Bridlington from the clifftop on a sparkly, frosty Yorkshire morning. I love Christmas, but it doesn’t half take its toll on the writing. There are  puddings to make, shopping to be done, decorations to put up, pantomimes to attend, menus to plan, cupboards to tidy….you get my drift? The upshot being that the writing schedule has taken a tumble. My current WIP – a pocket novel for The People’s Friend – is half written. The plan was …

People’s Friend Editors’ Interview

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  There’s an interview here with The People’s Friend features’ editor, Alex Corlett, and fiction editor, Shirley Blair. I was especially delighted to find this, as Alex was the first person I ever worked with at the ‘friend’. It was down to his patience and guidance that I got my first short story, Coming Home, published. You can read it here. Interesting to note in the interview that the magazine often plans seasonal features and stories – and has them …

The York Floods

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  This is the River Ouse in one of its darker moods as it flows (or should that be surges?) through the centre of York. The lovely old pub on the left bank is normally a popular riverside attraction where shoppers and tourists relax as they sit outdoors sipping their drinks while watching swans and pleasure boats glide past. Now they take pictures of the devastation. The floods have put the city under siege once again, forcing the river to …

All Change at My Weekly Pocket Novels

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  Brilliant news over at My Weekly Pocket Novels! A new four-a-month Easy Read brand is to be lauched in October, boosting opportunities for more sales. Here they are: Caress What: Sweet romance, thrilling emotional drama Who: Active, attractive, gorgeous heroes; attractive, feisty, unique heroines When: Modern settings and dilemmas; also historical romance How: Get our couple together dealing with an issue they hold dear, and see the sparks fly Remember: Passion not pornography! Liason What: Thrilling, contemporary reads, for …

A Thousand Free Downloads and a Sense of Place

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Well almost 1,000! It was actually a colossal 989 who supported my recent Danger in Mellin Cove kindle promotion. And I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone, particularly all the lovely people (you now who you are) who tweeted and retweeted it. Keeping fingers crossed now that some of you will find the time to review it. I was so made up at this success that I kindled another little book, Captured in Cornwall. It’s actually an …

It’s Back!!

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I’m happy to tell you that the free download of Danger at Mellin Cove is now available again here until Friday, July 20. To those who tried to download it, but couldn’t, thank you for your patience. Please do try again. Rena xx