It’s Here – The New Loveday Mystery!

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It was a difficult birth, but it’s here now  *A Cornish Suspicion* I do hope you like it …


Antiques auctions were a complete mystery to Loveday, but her boss, magazine proprietor, Merrick Tremayne, really wanted the 16th century bible box. So she’d asked her friend, Priddy, to put in the winning bid.

But now the box was gone – stolen during a break in at her office.

…And then there was Priddy’s daughter, Hannah. How could she convince her that her caravan home was not haunted? There was only one way. She must ignore the warning of her policeman partner, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, and spend the night alone in the caravan.

As she settles in things begin to happen. Her watch and bracelet disappear, but the caravan is locked. So how did the thief – if it was a thief – get in? Confused, Loveday checks the windows…a movement! She shrinks back. Something is out there…something filmy and white moving around in the darkness.

Why didn’t she listen to Sam? Loveday needs to think. What’s that pounding on her door? It’s the middle of the night. She waits…the minutes pass…her pulse is racing.

She steps outside!

She doesn’t see the body at first – the woman in the white nightdress, whose startled dead eyes stare into the darkness; eyes in a face that Loveday is soon to realize she knows.


I was thrilled to see that readers were purchasing and downloading ‘Suspicion’ only minutes after it went ‘live’ this morning. It’s here if you want to read it too.

And just in case you’re not familiar with Loveday’s Cornwall, well…here are a few pictures to whet your appetite. Let me know if you recognise the places.


Happy reading everyone,

Rena x

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