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I’m passionate about writing and like most authors, when given a day with nothing to do but write, it feels like a little slice of heaven.
Sadly, when the real world insists on making so many demands on our time the business of writing can often feel like a luxury. So when something comes along that makes a writing day more productive and efficient, I’ll grab it with both hands.
The writing tool that helps me most is my iPad. What a brilliant little piece of kit!
I bought my iPad on a whim three years ago, feeling guilty at the time because it seemed like a fun, but unnecessary, toy. Now I don’t know how I ever managed without it.
I use it for book promotion on Emails, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter. I can surf the net, listen to The Archers, watch a video, and keep tabs on my book sales.
But most important of all – I write on my iPad, and if I fancy dictating my book, well there’s an integral app already there for that as well.

I actually write everywhere – and I mean everywhere –  seizing the opportunity where I can. I write by hand in notebooks, on the backs of shopping lists and receipts, on napkins in restaurants, on my phone, desktop Mac. I write on basically whatever’s to hand, which is usually my iPad because it goes everywhere with me.
And now that I’ve got to grips with the magic that is Dropbox my writing life runs so much smoother.
With the help of the app that saves my work into the ether of the Internet and allows me to sync it with all my other devices, writing, editing, proofreading and all the other work a writer must do on her/his manuscript now goes like a dream.
I did have to download a free Microsoft Word app for the iPad to allow me to edit what I’ve saved in Dropbox.
I can now write on the main computer in my office, and save that particular piece of work to Dropbox. And later, when I’m in the kitchen scrubbing veg, I can open Dropbox on the iPad and add to the work I did earlier. It’s magic!
Do you have a favourite writing tool that works well for you? I’d love you to leave a comment.

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      iPads are fantastic, Sue. It means you don’t have to be sitting at your desk to work, and for someone like yourself who is on the go all the time I’m sure you would love it. x

  1. You’ve made it sound essential, Rena! I only got a mini iPad towards the end of last year but love it in the evening for checking everything online. Can’t use it for writing though, but I do like writing with pen and paper sometimes. Have never used Dropbox either, yet!

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      I write a lot of my first drafts by hand,Rosemary, but the iPad is truly brilliant. I find the Notes facility particularly useful and Dropbox syncs everything I write. If you work or collaborate with another author you can also set up a shared folder on Dropbox so you can see and add to each other’s work. Very useful.

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