What’s So Great About Being An Indie Author?

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Until this week I’d been happy to self publish all my books exclusively on Amazon. And why not? It takes them into enough global markets to make me dizzy.

I knew there were other stores out there where authors could market their eBooks, but I avoided them because the process just seemed too complicated and confusing.

No more!

For this week I made a special effort and got to grips with Kobo. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to publish a book.

I already had my content files – synopsis blurb, manuscript, all the front of book stuff, and cover image in designated folders on my desktop (the ones I published in Amazon) so it was just a matter of uploading these.

Kobo accepts content in various formats such as doc, docx, opf, and mobi, and automatically converts them to ePub.


And now – Hey Presto – I have a whole other market of lovely new potential readers.

Some of my books are still under contract to Amazon KDP Select, which means I can’t market them elsewhere, but once that contract runs its course, these books will be joining the others.

Now that I’ve seen how easy it is to publish on Kobo, I’ll be doing the same on iBooks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords.

I just love being an independent author. I have learned so many new skills and honed them to my advantage.

Being an indie author turns us into creative entrepreneurs, with new things to discover every day, new contacts to meet, new friends to make.

Self-publishing is not a get rich quick scheme, but indie authors do have complete control over their work – which doesn’t happen if you go down the traditional publishing route.

* We choose the price (and have the freedom to change that if need be)

* We decide when to publish.

* We choose the cover.

* We choose the title.

* We decide where and how to market our books

Also, once a book is written, edited, proofread etc. and is ready to be published, we are not subject to the whims or restrictions of any publishing house.

And on most eBooks we can enjoy royalties from 70% upwards. Many publishers offer their authors as little as 10% royalties on hard cover books.

I still have a way to go before I have completed my plan to publish all my 11 books, short story collections, and ‘boxed’ sets, on Kobo and all the other stores, but the journey will be exciting.


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  1. Thanks a lot for that post, Rena – it’s something I often wondered about. Although only a few of my books are self-published, I had read we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to Amazon so will think about it seriously now.

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      Any chance of boosting book sales must be worth the effort I think. Rosemary. Welcome home from your holiday btw, sounds like you had a wonderful time in Venice. xx

  2. I have one self-published book, but I stuck to Amazon. I think Amazon is my biggest market for my small publisher published books, so it never occurred to me to look elsewhere. I might check Kobo out though 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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      I agree, Annalisa, Amazon is probably the biggest market for most indie authors, but no harm in stretching our wings a little. I really loved your blog, especially the last post about the old Cornish pub you used as a setting in your book. Thank you for visiting here. It’s lovely to see you here.xx

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